Documenting the Hard Times| Traveler’s Notebook – “Stuff”

We’ve all been there…life throws a wrench in our plans and we become engrossed in a parade of emotions. Sometimes our feelings are temporary, our issues are seemingly resolved and we press on. Other times we remain in our feelings for days, weeks, months, or even years at a time.

Recently, I have been dealing with a case of mild depression brought on by caregiver stress, trying to maintain an impossible workload, dealing with a small creative slump, worries about my business and personal finances, and general “trying to keep all the plates spinning”. You know…life.

Even at my lowest points, I never shy away from scrapbooking. I find the act of documenting how I am feeling (good, bad, or ugly) to be therapeutic and honest. I appreciate looking back and remembering all that I have gone through and how I was able to overcome life’s toughest moments. Scrapbooking doesn’t always have to be about rainbows and sunshine. Sometimes life sucks and we can deal with our issues by simply documenting our journey.

It all counts.

Check out the following video where I share more about documenting life’s rough moments, and why I like using a Traveler’s Notebook as a method of brain (and emotional) dumping. A list of products used is posted below.

*** S U P P L I E S ***

  • Mini Dated Stamp Set | Elle’s Studio
  • “Stuff” Story Stamp | Ali Edwards
  • “Shit Happens Stamp | Kellie Winnell Stamps
  • Decorative Brads | Well, Hello | by My Minds Eye
  • Die Cuts | Let Your Heart Decide | Pink Fresh Studio
  • Enamel Dots | Indigo Hills 2 | Pink Fresh Studio
  • Paper Paper | Stash

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