Product Review: Totally Tiffany Desk Maid 4-Piece Set

Hello Scrappers! Are you looking for organizers for your scrappy space? I think I have something you will love!


Disclaimer: I received compensation (product) in exchange for writing this review; however, all opinions are my own. 

I was recently approached by Totally-Tiffany to do a review of their Desk Maid 4-Piece Set. Totally-Tiffany sells a variety of organizational products that are prefect for organizing crafting tools and other items.

This set currently retails for $57.96 but is on sale for $49.99!


The Desk Maid 4-Piece Set includes:

1- Tool Tower : This tool tower is perfect for organizing all of your crafty tools! It’s tiered design allows you to easily see and access all of your tools and is small enough to fit comfortably on your desk space.  Dimensions: 9″x5″x 5.5″


1 – Stadium Arranger: This is was one of my favorites in this set! The Stadium Arranger is perfect for organizing a variety of crafty materials from adhesives, ink pads, and daubers. Like the Tool Tower, the tiered designs allows you see all of your materials. Your tools are right at your fingertips! Dimensions: 9″ x 9.5″ x 4.5″


1 – Pencil Perch: If you have a love for color pencils, this organizer is for you! This Pencil Perch hold 36 pencils and displays your pencils on  3 levels.  No more digging around in a drawer or pencil pouch for your pencils. With is organizer, you can clearly see and access your pencils easily. Dimensions: 4.5″ x 6.5″ x 6.5″


1 – Pen and Ink Palace: This was another one of my favorite items from this set! The Pen and Ink Palace is perfect for organizing your ink pads and pens; positioning them in a horizontal orientation. This organizer has staggered pull out shelves; each shelf has a stopper to prevent items from falling in the back of the organizer. On top of this unit is a spot to hold ink bottles, adhesives, small tools, etc.


All of these organizers are made of solid wood and are painted with bright white paint for a very clean and sleek look.

My Thoughts

Of the 4-piece set, I decided to use the Stadium Arranger and the Pen and Ink Palace – my two favorites in the set! I will use the Pencil Perch and Tool Tower at a later time. I was looking all over for something that I could use to organize my small tools. I wanted something that was easy to organize, functional, and allowed me to display my tools and supplies so they are always visible.

Each piece is sturdy and well made. I like how the pieces fit nicely on my desk and do not intrude upon my work space.


I was able to easily fill each organizer and customize them to fit my needs. For example, I took out two of the five shelves in the Pen and Ink Palace to make room for my stackable small ink pads. If for some reason I need to use those shelves again, I can simply rearrange the organizer!



I love having all of my most used tools right at my finger tips!




While I am very pleased with all of the organizers in the Desk Maid 4-Piece Set, I did notice a couple of things:

  1. Upon opening the boxes that contained these organizers, I did noticed a strong paint smell. This wasn’t concerning but certainly something to note.
  2. Also, I noticed inconsistencies in the paint finishes. It appeared that excess paint had dried in some spots or wasn’t evenly applied on other spots on two of the organizers. This doesn’t really bother me but it is defiantly noticeable.


Here’s a spot that wasn’t quite finished.


Overall, I really like this set of organizers! Totally-Tiffany offers a wide range of organizing tools that are certainly worth checking out!

Again, this set is on sale for $49.99…that isn’t bad for 4 pieces! To purchase this set click HERE.

Also, Totally-Tiffany is offering a free Get Organized Challenge Class starting on September 27, 2016! If you are looking for ways to organize your creative space, check it out! For more information about this class, click HERE!

And check out the video review of the Desk Maid 4 Piece Set on the Victoria Marie YouTube Channel! Thanks so much for stopping by and don’t forget to check out Totally-Tiffany!

The Cut File Challenge Week 8: Crafty Jen Schow

Hello lovelies! I am back with Week 8 of The Cut File Challenge. This week I am featuring yet another gorgeous cut file from Crafty Jen Schow.

And here’s my layout using this cut file.


My intention for this layout was to keep things clean and simple. I initially did not set out to do another layout with a floral cut file. But when I was shopping around for inspiration, I found this cut file and knew I had to use it!


This layout features photos of my daughter and my mother. We were having lunch Mellow Mushroom, a yummy pizza resturant, and I snapped these photos of them as they snuggled and talked. I love capturing their relationship – two best friends, decades apart yet they have so much in common. I wanted this layout to be about the photos and the story that the photos represent: the precious relationship between a grandparent and grandchild.



In keeping with the simple design, I used Neena Bright White card stock to cut the floral cut file. I positioned the flower and the larger leaf to the left side of the photos and the two smaller leaves to the bottom right of the photos. This gives the appearance that the photos are being framed by the flowers.

Using the remaining bits of my Felicity Jane Maggie kit, I embellished the layout with small strips of patterned paper, a rubber charm, a flare piece that says “darling” and a tab. To the wood veneer piece “You and Me”, I created a dipped effect by embossing the bottom part of the wood veneer piece with white embossing powder by Recollections. I sprinkled sequins around the layout for a finishing touch.

I absolutely love how this layout came out!


Here is the process video for this layout! And stay turned for Weeks 9 and 10 of The Cut File Challenge! Thanks for stopping by!

The Cut File Challenge Week 7 – Crafty Jen Schow

Hello friends and welcome to week 7 of The Cut File Challenge! I am bit late with this one, mainly because I couldn’t settle on a layout design! But, I got it done!

This week I am using this gorgeous cut file by Crafty Jen Schow. Jen is one of my very good scrappy friends! I absolutely love everything that she does and I am so happy to share her creative talents with you. She has been in the scrapbooking industry for years, working at both Close to My Heart and Silhouette before becoming a creative entrepreneur. She has sat on numerous design teams, most recently the Ali Edwards Digital Creative Team and Felicity Jane.

And here’s my layout using this awesome cut file:


The photo was taken during an early summer trip the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. I have developed quite an interest in plants and flowers so touring the gardens was a real treat. I took the most amazing photos on my iPhone – I totally impressed myself!

I created this layout using the remaining bits from my July and August Felicity Jane exclusive kits. Both kits contain black, red, and blue elements that compliment the colors in the photo.

I tucked the photo into the curve of the Floral Swag cut file – this perfectly highlighted the photo and added a lot of interest to the layout. It looks like the cut file is a natural extension of the photo!


I layered pattern paper, a journal card, and a tag behind the photo. Rubber charms, a flare badge, and stickers were added to create embellishment clusters. For the title I used the rubber word “beautiful” and dipped wood veneer letters for the word “blooms”. I completed the layout with journaling, sequin, and mist sprinkles using Black Velvet Color Shine by Heidi Swapp.



And here is the process video for this layout! Be sure to check out Crafty Jen Schow to purchase this awesome cut file! We only have three more weeks to go for this challenge! I hope you are playing along and making beautiful layouts! Thanks for stopping by!

Update! 3 Months in the Biz

I’ve had several people ask me how things are going in entrepreneur land. Well, let me tell you…SMASHING!


Everything is awesome and I’m exhausted!

I began my little adventure in June 2016, just three months ago. Oh it was so liberating…leaving my 8-5 job and starting my own business! The first few days and weeks of freedom have been extraordinary! No more getting up at 6:00 am (that’s about to change), no more boring meetings or working crazy hours for someone else for sucky pay. I am the poster-child for entrepreneurism (at least I think I am)!

So far I have launched two classes: Layering Like a Boss and Make the Kit – A Mini Course. Both of these classes have done very well and I am blown away by the support I have received! I quickly learned that income from classes is fleeting and my customers want more, more, more content! So I am working mad crazy hours to create more courses for the Victoria Marie Online Classroom. My customers want options and I am going to give it to them! Plus, creating, producing, and teaching scrapbooking courses is the! I LOVE what I do!


Type-A organization skills on point! (This is sickening.)

I was interviewed by my good friend Tracie Claiborne for her Live Inspired Podcast during my first week of entrepreneurial freedom. If you have nothing better to do with your life, have a listen here. I talked about my first days as a bonafide business owner and the realities of getting started in the scrapbooking industry. Very impressive stuff!

I have continued working on the Scraptastic Design team although things have changed a bit. The owner recently decided to only create and sell planner stickers and pocketed scrapbooking supplies. While I enjoyed being on the scrapbooking team, I will now work with the Scraptastic planner kits. Look for more of that to come. Additionally, I applied for the Hip Kit design team…which I understand is a very popular design team. Fingers crossed and cautious optimism.🙂

Just last month I was approached to do a product review for Totally Tiffany, an online craft organization store. I am so excited about this because their products look amazing. I will be doing a YouTube review and a blog post about Totally Tiffany products in the near future.

In October of this year, I will host my first every Victoria Marie Scrapbook Retreat in Weatherford, TX. I am so excited about this…it’s been a year in the making! I am currently making plans for two scrapbook retreats in 2017. I am also planning my first in-person classes as well as scrapbooking crops.

Overall, I am enjoying life as a business owner. But, this wouldn’t be an honest update if I didn’t share with you how sometimes working for yourself can suck…sometimes.


I actually have to…work?

I work a lot of hours…a lot. And someone thought it was a good idea to start homeschooling while starting a business (me). I am not sure if I regret that decision and I am constantly evaluating if Aubree and I should send our daughter back to private or public school next year. There is a part of me that thinks I can get so much done while she’s at school. But then I think that I can pull this off, right?

The jury is still out.

So, like I said I work a lot of long hours…sometimes in the wee hours of the morning. Then I wake up three hours later and do it all over again. When I was finishing my first class, I stayed up for 24 hours prior to the launch, making sure everything was perfect. I learned from that experience that staying up for 24 hours is horrible and I will never do it again! Ever! Because I’m a dum dum!

While my time is flexible, to an extent, it is very hard for me to settle into a routine where my work day is divided (two hour increments on average) and accept that I do not have to school my daughter exactly at 9:00 am every single morning. Heck, my schedule is mine to dictate yet I am stuck in an 8-5 mind frame. I didn’t think that this would be a challenge for me.


Paper organization…blahhhhh!!!

I am always in some state of disorganization. This pile of paperwork has looked this way for over a month. I have found that I do not like business taxes and keeping up with receipts. To spend even a minute on this makes me a very grumpy Vicki. But it must get done…one day. Between creating classes and my other crazy projects, developing a paper management system has taken a back seat.

Here’s what they don’t tell you about being a creative entrepreneur – you don’t actually get a lot of time to create. To be honest, in a perfect world, 80% of my time would be spent creating. But it is not. I spend roughly 20% of my time creating while the other percent is spent creating and producing classes and doing yucky business stuff (taxes). I am trying to figure out a schedule where the first hours of my morning are strictly devoted to creating. I need this time to refocus and use up some creative energy. This might mean getting up at 5:00 am – just saying that makes my head hurt.


I love you craft desk…sniff, sniff.😦

My house is always in a state of disarray. I thought I would have time to get more of my household chores and organization projects done. But, nope…hasn’t happened.  I have succumb to the fact that I can’t do it all…at least not all at once.



I am always tired. Just tired! But the cool thing is – if I want to take a day off and piffle around with my little one, I do just that. If I want to start my day by watching yet another episode of Gilmore Girls, I do just that!  I am in a constant state of “Wow, this is awesome!” and “What the hell did I just get myself into?!”

The biggest challenge has been working through creative blocks…some of my best ideas come quick, fast, and in a hurry and at times I have a hard time figuring things out. I make things too complicated. I obsess about details. I have to force myself into action. It’s funny how you can get things down in such a short amount of time. Yesterday, I wrote the scripts for my upcoming class in less than 1 hour…BAM! Get er’ done!

So there you have it…the long and the short of my creative entrepreneur experience thus far. The bottom line is: I love what I do! I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I am growing and learning new things all of the time. I am meeting some awesome people and making great connections. I am creating content that my customers enjoy! And I get to call the shots…a bossy person’s dream come true!

I will eventually figure out the rest.🙂

Labor Day Weekend Sale! 20% off Victoria Marie Classes!


Okay, so you have been wanting to take a Victoria Marie Class but you just haven’t gotten around to doing it. Never you fear!

This Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday in honor of Labor Day, I am taking 20% off of my two classes: Layering Like a Boss and Make the Kit – A Mini Course! 

Use the following URLs to access the class and to get this limited time special offer!


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The Cut File Challenge Week Six – Elle’s Studio

Welcome to Week 6 of The Cut File Challenge! This week I am using this cute pie chart cut file from Elle’s Studio. There are five images in this set for only $1.99!


And here’s my layout:


This layout features a photo of me, holding Baby Pattie, my six-year old’s baby doll who I often babysit.🙂 On this day, Pattie is very fussy and apparently wants fish sticks, which I am unaware of since her little mommy neglected to give me that information! I was also given a phone so the little mommy can check in from time to time to make sure I was doing a good job. Sadly, I was scolded for not giving Pattie some fish sticks!

I have so much to learn.🙂

I began this layout by  positioning the cut file toward the center bottom of the layout. I backed the cut image with pattern papers from the new Amy Tangerine Oh Happy Life Collection. This was such an easy process and the colors from the papers added a lot of interest to the overall design of the layout!


I made each part of the pie chart a description of things I had to do while babysitting Pattie. I think was rather successful!


I created a cluster of embellishments around the photo and used two Thickers fonts for the title – both by Amy Tangerine. I used a flower and feather stamp from the collection to add a bit of movement to the page. I love this stamp set!!!

The entire layout is mounted on another piece of pattern paper from the collection. I used an orange branding strip at the bottom of the layout to serve as an anchor. I finished the layout with Heidi Swapp mist (Black Velvet). This was such a fun layout make!

And for your viewing pleasure, here’s the process video for this layout! Be sure to check out the digital cut files from Elle’s Studio and have a great scrappy weekend!



The Cut File Challenge – Week 5: Silhouette “Back to School Apple”

Welcome to week #5 of The Cut File Challenge! This week I am using this cute cut file from the Silhouette Studio called “Back to School Apple” by Sarah Bailey.


Design ID #64855


And here’s how I used this cut file on a recent layout…


I challenged myself to use an image that was a bit more themed (not my typical style). And to my surprise, I really like it! I created this layout to commemorate my family’s first year of homeschooling. We are very excited for this new adventure and equally nervous! As with any layout that I do about my daughter, I wanted this one to be fun and whimsical.


I started by cutting the image with my Silhouette Cameo. I used red and green cardstock because I wanted to layer the green stem on the red apple. I’m in no way a “cut file layering pro” so this was a stretch for me! I’m still unsure how I feel about it!

NOTE: You don’t need to purchase this specific cut file to create a similar look. You can find “back to school cut files” by doing a simple Google search.


Since the apple served as my title, I added the word “not” so the title now reads “Not Back to School”. This is homeschool lingo to refer to the fact that homeschool children will not technically go back to school in the traditional sense. However, many homeschool families have back to school rituals to celebrate the start of their homeschool year. (I’m learning as I go!)


For this layout I used a custom kit that I made for my new class, Make the Kit – A Mini Course. I layered several patterned papers behind my photos. To the layers I added twine, a wood veneer number and star, enamel dots, and a tab.

Next, I created an embellishment cluster toward the bottom left of the layout to include washi tape, frames, the Back to School Apple cut file, die cuts, a wood veneer star and arrow, as well as enamel dots.



  • Pattern Paper – Pink Paislee Memorandum Paper Pack
  • White Cardstock – Neena Bright White Cardstock
  • Washi Tape – Target Dollar Spot
  • Frames – (from my stash)
  • Wood Veneer Stars – Studio Calico
  • Wood Veneer Arrow – Studio Calico
  • Wood Veneer Number 1 – Scraptastic Club Exclusive
  • Tab – Scraptastic Club Exclusive
  • Enamel Dots – Simple Stories Rad Collection
  • Phrase Labels “Beginnings” and “Childhood” – McIntosh Little Bits by Bella Blvd
  • Red and White Twine – American Crafts

And here’s the process video for this layout! I hope you are pulling out your electronic cutting machines and trying out a few of these cut files! I’ll see you next week for Week 6 of the Cut File Challenge! Thanks for stopping by!