1 Kit – 15 Projects: Getting the Most Out of My Scrapbooking Kits!

Do you have lots of scrapbooking kits hanging around your scrappy space? Are you looking for a bit of inspiration (maybe a kick in the pants) for using your leftover kit stash? Well, I’ve got something fun for you! Check out my latest scrapbook process video, 1 Kit – Multiple Projects, now available on the Victoria Marie YouTube Channel.

In this video, I am using the Felicity Jane Sarah Kit (and a few elements from my stash) to create 15 projects!

You read that right…15 projects!

*I think I said 13 in the video…it’s actually 15! OMG!*

  • 4 Layouts
  • 7 Cards
  • 4 Small Gift Bags/Pockets

At the end of this process, I am left with a few pieces of scrap paper, letter sticker fonts, very little die cuts, and some epoxy stickers; all of which I will store in my stash or give to my daughter to use on her crafty projects.

I feel a sense of accomplishment anytime I use up my scrappy materials. I love getting a lot of mileage out of my supplies and I want to encourage you to do the same! Whether you purchase scrapbooking kits from a company or make your own using items from your stash, grab a few kits and see what you can make! To learn more about my process, click on the video below. Enjoy!

My favorite layout!
Ugh…not my favorite layout. They cannot all be winners!
Not to bad…at least it’s done!
Created for my Sketch Like a Boss eBook and Mini Course – now available for purchase!
Easy and simple cards!
I used sentiment stamps from my stash.
Fun little gift bags/pockets to give to friends!

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