Scrapbook Process Video “Always Order the Dessert”

Hello friends! I am back with my second layout using the January Reagan Kit for the Felicity Jane Creative Media Team. To learn more about Felicity Jane products, click here! Also, we just launched the digital version of the Reagan kit…click it out here!

Always Order Dessert Title Card

Recently, my daughter and I had dinner at a local Italian restaurant. After finishing a healthy portion of pasta, our waiter asked if we would like some dessert. My daughter looked up at me with her big brown eyes and before she could begin her plea for dessert, I asked our waiter if they served cannolis. My daughter squealed “YES” and I finally caved in! While enjoying our dessert, I thought about all of the times my spouse and I have declined our daughter’s request for dessert when we are dinning out; sometimes without reason. But on this particular day, I took my daughter’s advice, “Always order the dessert mama!”

And so we did.

Photo 1

For this layout, I wanted to create a loose grid design with space in between the elements and bit of layering added for interest. I cut and adhered two strips from the Hearts and Strips pattern paper to serve as an anchor for my photo. Next, I added two 3×4 photos, one printed in black and white and the other in color. This is a great way to draw attention to photos on a layout! To the top of the photos, I adhere a small tag from the Reagan die cut pack. Additionally, to the photo on the left, I added a small rose gold Felicity Jane clip for a bit of texture and dimension.

Photo 2

Next, I created a large title using the Mila and Reagan font stickers. To the top of the title, I created a stamped die cut using the sentiment, “for the record” from the Reagan stamp set and white card stock from my stash. I then added a journaling block at the bottom of the title.

Photo 3

Under the black and white photo, I layered a die cut flower and label. To the label, I stamped the sentiment “take the next step”, again from the Reagan stamp set. Under the label rest a tiny tag for added interest. To finish this layout, I sprinkled four rubber charm hearts from the Caroline kit around the layout.

Photo 4

Materials Used from the Reagan Kit. Click HERE to learn more!
– FJ Reagan Pattern Paper “Hearts and Stripes”
– FJ Reagan Font
– FJ Reagan Die Cut Tag, Label, and Flower
– FJ Caroline Rubber Charms – Hearts*
– FJ Rose Gold Clip*
– FJ Mila Font*

* Elements used from other FJ kits.

To see the process video for this layout, head on over to the Victoria Marie YouTube Channel! And while you are there, don’t forget to subscribe!

Thanks for stopping by! Now you go and be creative!

Scrapbook Process Video and Layout Share – “This and More”

Scrapbook Process Video Template_1

I am so happy to share with you my first scrapbook layout of 2018! Oh it feels so good to finally sit down and create something awesome. I have been in a bit of a creative slump coming out of 2017. But, 2018 brings a fresh new beginning and tons of possibilities!

For this layout, I used:

  • FREE Happy 2018 printable from Elle’s Studio…click HERE!
  • Elle’s Studio Family Fun Collection and Stamps
  • Elle’s Studio Sketch to Finish Vol. 3 Exclusive Stamp Set
  • Theresa Collins Signature Essentials Enamel Shapes
  • American Crafts 12×12 White Textured Card Stock


This was a super fun layout to create! Using the free Happy 2018 printable from Elle’s Studio, I layered two 3×4 cards (“Happy New Year” and “Celebrate”) on top of two large circles that I punched from leftover pattern paper from the Elle’s Studio Family Fun Collection. The Happy 2018 printable also features 5 circles with printed text – I punched those out with a small circle punch along with additional circles from the Family Fun pattern paper. I clustered the punched circles around the 3×4 cards to create a layered design. For a bit of dimension, I sprinkled a few of the Theresa Collins enamel shapes throughout the layered cluster.


Next, I positioned my photo to the left of the layered circle cluster and added a small tab to the left side of the photo. Using the Sketch to Finish Vol. 3 Exclusive Stamp set, I created the title “This and more” with StazOn black ink and Ridding Hood Red ink by Stampin’ Up. The title is probably my favorite part of this layout!


Lastly, I created a smaller cluster at the bottom of the layout which mimics the larger cluster to the right of the photo. A 2-inch strip of pattern paper from the Family Fun collection serves as anchor for the entire layout. To finish this spread, I added three journaling strips under the title.

To see this layout come together, head on over to the Victoria Marie YouTube Channel! And be sure to check out the FREE Happy 2018 printable, now available in the Elle’s Studio shop!

5 Creative Actions for 2018

Happy New Year! Wow, 2018 got here super fast and if you are like other scrapbookers, you are probably thinking about what your creative goals for this year. It is so easy to get bogged down by the enormity of unfinished projects, interest in new projects, attempts at finishing scrapbooking classes, and finally (FINALLY) organizing our creative spaces.


If you are starting to feel a little overwhelmed…never fear! I have 5 Creative Actions that you can immediately do to jumpstart a successful creative year!


#1 – Let go of what you did not accomplish in 2017!

Okay, so we all have been there…those unfinished projects, classes, and creative goals that linger (they are probably judging us); feelings of frustration appear and failure seems to be a familiar foe. As my good friend Elsa recommends, “LET IT GO”!

Seriously, let it go.

(Now you are singing the song…cheeky!)

While it makes us feel good when we are able to finish a task or a project, we must remember that there isn’t a race to do so. The stories that you want to document are not going away. Scrapbooking and crafting should be FUN, not stressful. Focus on what you can reasonably accomplish and let the other stuff go (for now)!

#2 – Make time to create!

It seems like this topic comes up a lot in the scrapbooking community. I am amazed by the number of scrappers (including myself) who struggle to make creative time a priority. Taking time for our creative hobbies is so good for our health and wellbeing! Psychological and health research has examined the connection between art and positive health outcomes for years.  For example, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) published an extensive (but not exhaustive) study in 2010 regarding the connection between art and positive health outcomes. In short, creative pursuits (i.e. music, visual arts, expressive movement, and writing) are all shown to have positive effects on our health and well-being (i.e. less stress, increased mood regulation, and decreased anxiety).  If you nerd-out over stuff like this, check out the article here!

If we know that taking time for our creative pursuits is beneficial to our health and well-being, why don’t we do more of it? The truth is…we are in control (for the most part) of how we spend our time. Making the commitment to spend more time creating beautiful things is truly a practice in being intentional with how we spend our time. And it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. If you only have 15 minutes to spare, great! Own that 15 minutes and give yourself that time to become immersed in a creative task that fills you soul!


#3 – Set up a creative space that works for you!

If you are a long time scrapbooker, chances are that you have rearranged and reconfigured your creative space a gajillion times! I have found that what worked for me 10 years ago does not work for me now. Take some time to examine your space and consider how to set up your space based on how you create. This will not be an overnight endeavor so take your time.

Are you someone who likes all of your tools at hand or would you prefer to have all of your supplies tucked away? Do you need a large space to create or will your kitchen table do? Do you need a new organization system? Is it time to purge and organize your space? Take time to examine how you work in relation to your space and set up your creative space accordingly. Having a scrappy space that you love will certainly inspire you to work on your creative projects more!


#4 – Learn something new – challenge your creative skills.

There are so many fun scrapbooking techniques, tools, and products to explore! This year challenge yourself to move beyond your comfort zone and try something new. For example, learn how to use that die cutting machine you bought with good intention or start and finish that online scrapbooking class you committed to! Likewise, consider learning a completely different creative hobby apart from scrapbooking – sewing, print making, mixed media, watercoloring, just to name a few. Don’t be afraid to push your creative limits. You will happy that you did!


#5 – Set Realistic Creative Goals

I am sorry to announce that you cannot do all of the things all of the time. (Gasp!) It is so tempting to commit to a million and one scrapbooking and creative projects only to end up frustrated when we don’t have the time or energy to complete said projects. This year, try setting realistic creative goals and consider the amount of time needed to achieve those goals.

For example, I have committed to purging and organizing over 10,000 digital photos this year. It is unrealistic for me to expect to complete this project over the course of a weekend or even in a week. However, I can work on this project for a couple of hours each week over the course of 3-4 months. This is certainly realistic and fits within the time I have allotted in my schedule.

So…Get moving! 

There you have it…5 Creative Actions that you can start TODAY as you begin to work on your creative projects in 2018! Remember, scrapbooking should be fun, not stressful. Give yourself permission to make your creative time a priority and enjoy the process!

December Daily Day 3-4

Hey friends I am back with a look at Day 3 and 4 of my December Daily Album! Today you get two for the price of one!

IMG_4955 2

December 3rd was seemingly uneventful. After spending the day shopping for Christmas decorations, my family and I headed to a local community holiday festival. We saw two of the cutest baby reindeer, took pictures in front of a gigantic Christmas tree, and walked around a bit. I love community events and always attend at least 2-3 during the holiday season.

For this spread, I decided to keep things simple. First, I created a B-side to my day two 3×8 journal block using a wood grain pattern paper from the Felicity Jane Joy kit. To this I added a chipboard sticker that reads “Reindeer”. Next, I created a tag from a piece Swiss dot pattern paper. I stamped and embossed a reindeer head from an older December Daily stamp set by Kelly Purkey and added a label sticker under the embossed reindeer head. This sticker is from the 2016 December Daily kit.

On the back of the tag, I added journaling, a stamp that reads “Christmas Cheer” and a small wood veneer star from the Felicity Jane Joy kit.


Lastly, I added a wood veneer “3” to the outside of my photo pocket to complete the spread.

Day 4 was all about decorating our Christmas tree! And yes, that is my daughter wearing a Disney Belle dress and her blanket as a cape. 🙂


To begin, I resized my photo to 6×8 using iPhoto, then printed the photo on 8.5 x 11 photo paper and trimmed the photo down to fit the pocket. To the photo I added a gold chipboard circle sticker that reads “Tree” at the top right of the page protector.

Next, I embellished two of the 3×4 journal cards with a flare button, a wood veneer number “4” and a small star badge – all from the Felicity Jane Joy Kit. To the journal card, I stamped the word “tradition” from an older Ali Edwards stamp set using “Always Artichoke” ink by Stampin’ Up. Lastly, I added a 3×4 journaling card that reads, “Peace Love Joy”.

To the back of the 6×8 page, I added a photo of my finished tree to a piece of black striped velum paper and created a small embellishment cluster with a tag that reads “Merry & Bright”, a scalloped die cut, and three puffy stars.


To add a bit of interest, I cut one panel from a Bath and Body Works holiday bag. To the back of the panel, I created a repetitive stamped design using the Joy Stamp set from Felicity Jane


To see both these spreads come together, head on over to the Victoria Marie YouTube Channel! I will be back after December 25th with more videos and photos of my 2017 December Daily album. Until then, have a very Merry Christmas! Thanks for stopping by!

December Daily Day 2

Good gracious it’s been a few day since I last posted! Life has exploded just a bit and I am finally able to breathe and catch up a bit.  And just as I sat down last night to post the video for Day 2 of my December Daily, technical issues arose which left me utterly helpless in my attempt to edit and load videos.

Alas, all is well (sort of) and I can forge ahead.

Let’s move on to Day 2!


This story is all about my spouse and I and our sucky little date. Yes, even December Daily albums can contain stories that aren’t so bright and cheery. Since we had a free night without our daughter, we decided to see a local production of the Nutcracker. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the Nutcracker and we purchase box seats to a professional performance pretty much every year. However, we thought we struck gold with reasonably priced tickets from Groupon and gave it a shot.

Bad mistake. We left after the second act.

Thinking we could redeem ourselves, we headed to a restaurant called Mash’d that specializes in drinks that are infused with moonshine. My spouse and I are moonshine virgins…let’s just say we were not impressed. The food was okay but nothing to write home about. Couple this experience with the Nutcracker and a reasonably stressful work week…my spouse and I were completely over it!

Oh well. I documented this story anyway. 🙂

Using a 3×8 pocket, I created a journaling card that I designed using the text box tool in MS Word. I printed the text box on white card stock and trimmed the excess so that the journaling fit inside the pocket. Next, I used a circle punch to create a semi-circle out of red card stock from the Felicity Jane Joy Kit and mounted a wood veneer “2” on the semi-circle.


To the left side of the spread, I cut a 3×4 journaling card from patterned cardstock and mounted a white tag to the top of the card. Using an Ali Edwards sticker font set and the Joy stamp set from Felicity Jane, I created the title “Holiday Details – Date”. The photo used for this spread was created in app called Pic Stitch.

To see how this layout came together, head on over to the Victoria Marie YouTube Channel and stay tuned for my Day 3 spread! Thanks for stopping by!

December Daily 2017 – Day 1

December Daily YouTube 2 Thumbnail

December Daily 2017 is well underway! I am so excited to start this project and to immerse myself in robust storytelling.

The Story: On December 1st we went to mom’s house to drop off my daughter for a special grandma/grandbaby weekend. While there, my spouse and I decided to relax a bit before heading home. My mother loves decorating for the holiday – it is very easy to get comfortable in her home, surrounded by all of the Christmas decor that I grew up with. I fixed myself a cup of hot chocolate in one of her Santa mugs and settled in.

Photo 1

While I enjoyed my hot chocolate, I began to realize how very important it is to slow down a bit, to savor the small things in life. Lately, I’ve been feeling a tiny bit of holiday blues due to a myriad of personal issues and stress (adulting is hard). But that small cup of hot chocolate and time with my family is a superb cure.

The Design: This year I am using the Felicity Jane Joy Kit.  To see my product preview, click here.

To begin my album, I used a 4×8 punched card with the heading “Christmas Wish List” – I will use this insert to document all of the happenings, events, and activities that I wish to do over the holiday season. To add a bit of interest, I stamped a tree from the Joy stamp set in Always Artichoke by Stampin’ Up, and created a tab using my We R Memory Keeps tab punch and olive green solid card stock from the kit. To the tab, I added the word sticker “December” from the Joy Sticker set. Photo 2

Next, I inserted a small pocket (from my stash) and created a tag for journaling. To the pocket, I added a buffalo check die cut and a Joy chipboard button. To the tag, I added a black and white stripe ribbon that was included in the kit, stamped the sentiment “The Story” to the bottom of the tag, and adhere a tiny wood veneer tree to add a bit of interest and dimension.

Photo 3

Lastly, to the pocket page, I added a photo and a piece of the patterned velum from the kit. To the photo I stamped the sentiment “Dear Santa” from the Joy stamp set. And to the bottom pocket, I adhered a small doily and a wood veneer number “1” to represent Day 1 of my album.

Photo 4Photo 5Photo 6

Check out the process video for this spread on the Victoria Marie YouTube Channel! Also, be sure to take a look at all of the awesome Christmas goodies now available in the Felicity Jane shop! Thanks for stopping by!