I Quit My Job…To Pursue My Dreams!

I quit my job.

Even typing those words makes me both giddy and scared! (There must be a word for being both giddy and scared.) I walked into my office and tendered by two weeks notice on Monday. Sadly, my departure will not be met with a “going away, we will miss you party”. I will not be leaving under the best of circumstances. To be honest, it doesn’t matter. Deep down inside I know that I was meant to do so much more. I had to be willing to close this chapter in my life, take a risk, and jump in the pool head first.

So I jumped.


I cleaned out my office the day I tendered my notice.

Toward the end of 2015, I began to feel lost. The drudgery of getting up at 6:00 am (barely) and going through my daily routine, driving almost an hour to work, sitting at a desk under florescent lighting, traveling from one work commitment to another,  driving almost an hour home, and crashing on the couch was draining my will to live. I only had pockets of time to explore my interests, to relax and live my life. And this schedule has been on repeat for several years over the course of my adult life: work, eat, sleep…play (sometimes).



While I enjoyed my current job (to an extent), I am no longer fulfilled. Honestly, I never have been…in any job I’ve held over the years. I’ve worked in retail management, human resources, academia and the non-profit world. There is nothing that I have done professionally that truly speaks to my heart. Nothing. I’m on a hamster wheel that is spinning and spinning…I am going no where. Stagnant, still, comfortable, and miserable.

Something had to change.


I hate traffic.

But one thing I knew for sure…I wanted to work for myself. In fact, I wanted to figure out how I could take my hobby of scrapbooking and memory keeping and turn it into a profitable business. Over the past year I have grown my social media presence through YouTube, Facebook and my blog. I began to wonder if there was space for me in this industry. I began to brainstorm my options. Then it hit me! I am an expert trainer. Why not marry my training skills with my hobby; find a way to develop classes that people enjoy and can relate to.  And then more ideas came to mind: host crops, retreats, presenting at crafting conferences, maybe design my own line! The possibilities are endless!!!!!

But, where do I start?


This bracelet arrived the day I quit my job.

One day while looking for inspiration via YouTube, you know, “quit your job and live your life” videos, I stumbled upon a few life coaches who work specifically with creatives. I had no clue they existed! I quickly found their blogs and podcasts and for months I started to educate myself on developing a creative business. I learned new terms like “creative entrepreneur” and “solo entrepreneur”. I listened to the stories of creatives who left their traditional jobs, took a risk, and started their own businesses. I began to research other creatives in the scrapbooking industry – what do they do and how did they get to where they are today. I became so excited! Finally, my calling (which had been there all along) was too strong to ignore.

I had to do something…FAST!


The podcast that saved my life!

My spouse and I always knew that we wanted to make changes to our lifestyle that allowed for more freedom and flexibility. If I left my job and started a business, this dream would be reality! So, I set a date: December 16, 2016 would be my last day. Then things changed and now my last day is May 31st.

VICKI…OUT! (Drops mic)

I knew that before I jumped ship, I had to make a plan. I made a vision board. I started working with a life coach (and friend) to help me sort out my thoughts, worries, and fears. I created a online class concept (actually, a list of 30+ classes), researched a platform to host my classes, and spent some time figuring out possible sales projections (simple math, let’s not complicate things).

This WAS going to happen.


Thank you Zera Coffee Co…my spot to think and birth Victoria Marie.

So, back to May 16th, I tendered my resignation and never felt happier! I gave myself permission to choose my goals and dreams over working for someone else. It’s not in my DNA to answer to a “boss”. I’m the boss…always have been. It feels so good to take control of my life! I am not in the “best” financial position and the stars are not perfectly aligned…but that’s okay. As my life coach tells me, “You are not going to starve or become poor. You will be okay.” (I love you Laurie Johnson!)

I am going to be more than okay…I am going to be GREAT! Victoria Marie will officially launch on June 1, 2016!


The Official Victoria Marie Headquarters…creativity abounds!

So, what’s coming down the pike:

  • Online/in-person scrapbooking classes!
  • MORE YouTube process videos and tutorials!
  • Continued involvement on scrapbooking design teams
  • Scrapbooking crops and retreats!
  • Digital products such as e-books and printable scrapbooking planning sheets!
  • And much more!!!!!

I am excited for this new journey! The path to success is not always easy, but I’m ready to take the risk!

There is a saying that goes, “Entrepreneurs are the only people who will work 80 hours a week for themselves to avoid working 40 hours a week for someone else.”

Truer words could not have been spoken.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

Let’s do this!


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