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Product Review | Catherine Pooler Designs | Canvo Bullet Journal

Hey friends! I’m back with a product review featuring the Canvo Bullet Journal by Catherine Pooler. Bullet journaling has grabbed the interest of many scrapbookers, and crafting companies have jumped on the bandwagon, producing fun products and accessories that can be used to create stunning bullet journal spreads.

So what is bullet journaling?

A bullet journal is a basic notebook that can be used as a custom planner, journal, habit tracker, for maintaining lists, and much more. The beauty of a bullet journal is that you can customize it based your unique planning needs.

A bullet journal can have a simple design – no decoration, embellishment, stickers, doodling, or stamping needed. Or, you can add flare to your bullet journal spreads by incorporating stamping, stickers, and such. There is no right or wrong way to bullet journal. To learn more about bullet journaling, click HERE.

As bullet journaling becomes increasingly popular, crafting companies are starting to produce more product geared around planning and bullet journaling. One such company is Catherine Pooler Designs. Catherine is a card maker and stamper but quickly caught on to the bullet journaling craze. After trying several bullet journaling styles, she envisioned a way to marry bullet journaling with what she does best…stamping!

Thus, the Canvo Bullet Journal was born! Watch Catherine explain the birth and evolution of the Canvo Bullet Journal HERE.

In collaboration with Scrapbook.com and Catherine Pooler Designs, I was sent the Canvo Bullet Journal, along with other CP Designs products to include: CP Minis Party Collection Foundations Ink, Bullet Journal Basic Stamp Set, Oh My, It’s July! Stamp Set, Put a Pin in It Stamp Set, Calendar and Boxes Stencil, and an Acrylic Grid Stamping Block (2.75 inches round).

To be honest, I am very interested in bullet journaling but could not commit to creating hand drawn planner, list, and tracker pages on a regular basis. The best part about the Canvo Bullet Journal system are the coordinating products that make creating bullet journal spreads super easy!

Simply sketch out your design and use the coordinating stamps and stencils to customize your spread. I have very elementary drawing skills so I appreciate that Catherine Pooler Designs has tools that I can use to quickly make a bullet journal spread without much fuss!

I plan to use my Catherine Pooler Bullet Journal to keep track of my monthly projects (personal and business), weekly lists, my habit tracker, and my reading goals.

I even created a spread to keep track of my monthly creative projects along with space for making scrapbook sketches!

To see my full review and bullet journal process using these products, click on the following video. Additionally, a list of the featured products is provided below.

Overall, I highly recommend the Catherine Pooler Canvo Bullet Journal and coordinating products! I am no longer apprehensive about bullet journaling and I am looking forward to adding bullet journaling as part of my weekly and monthly planning routine!


Disclaimer: The links listed in this post are affiliate links. These links are FREE for you to use. However, when these links are used, I receive a small commission. I only review and recommend products that I personally use; manufactured and/or sold by reputable companies. Thanks for your support!

Product Review and Scrapbook Process Video! Arteza Acrylic Colors

Hey Scrap Bosses!

I am back with a fun product review of the Arteza Acrylic Premium Colors. If you are looking for a high quality acrylic paint for your craft projects, be sure to check these out!

I recently received a 60 piece set of the Arteza Acrylic Premium Colors and immediately knew that I wanted to create a mixed media scrapbook background using these paints along with a stencil. Arteza Acrylic Paints are very pigmented, smooth, and blend well.

To create the background for the featured layout, I used a craft sponge (found at most craft and hobby stores), along with the Arteza Premium Acrylic Paints and a stencil from Deco Art to make a fun mixed media design.

To see this layout come together, click on the video below.

To learn more about Arteza Acrylic Premium Colors, click HERE!

For this project I used: Arteza Premium Colors Mid Yellow, Orange Yellow, and Cerulean Blue.

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