Changing the Format of My Wednesday Livestreams!

So, I’m changing the format of my Wednesday Livestreams!

But, before I tell you more about these changes, be sure to mark your calendars for this week’s Wednesday Live, starting at 2:00 pm CST! During tomorrow’s livestream, I will be using my Cricut to upload and cut electronic cut files.

As many of you know, I recently purchased a Cricut Explore Air 2 electronic cutting machine and I am slowly learning how to use it. The last Cricut I owned was the Cricut Personal Cutter that required cartridges. To be honest, while I enjoyed using the Cricut Personal Cutter, I found it difficult to figure out how to use some of the cartridge designs. Depending on the design, there were several elements to size and cut…it proved to be too much so I let my Cricut go.

Flash forward, after spending many years using a Silhouette Cameo electronic cutting machine, I decided to give Cricut another try; not because I need a new cutting machine…simply because the mint colored Cricut is pretty and I was curious about it’s functionality!

(All good reasons, right?)

Now, on to the changes…

I have been going live on the Victoria Marie YouTube Channel at least once per week (give or take a few weeks) for over 2 years. I amped up my livestreams in response to the pandemic as a way to connect with the Victoria Marie Scrap Boss Community.

During the livestreams, I typically create scrapbook layouts, which is fun. However, I’ve been challenging myself to try new techniques, products, and devices and thought it would be cool to share my learning and experimentation process.

So, during my upcoming Wednesday Livestream sessions, you will get to see me play and experiment in real-time! Personally, I love watching my favorite designers explore new concepts and techniques. I am interested in learning more about their creative processes and seeing them work through challenging design issues. If this is something that you enjoy, then joined me on Wednesdays as I play, explore, and tinker!

If you are not able to join me live, no worries! All of my livestreams are recorded and available for playback on the Victoria Marie YouTube Channel. Also, if you want to see my previous livestream sessions, check out my YouTube Livestream Playlist.

I hope you will join me on Wednesdays at 2:00 pm CST!

Wednesday LIVE! Let’s Play With The New Pink and Main Flock!

Come join me today at 2:00 pm CST on the Victoria Marie YouTube Channel for Wednesday LIVE! During today’s live stream, I will be playing with the new Pink and Main Flock, an awesome product that adds a fuzzy texture to any craft project!

I had the pleasure of meeting Pink and Main owner Michelle Currie at the 2022 Creativation Trade Show in Orlando, FL and filmed a quick Facebook Live for Scrapbook and Cards Today that featured some of Pink and Main’s new products. To see the recorded live, click HERE!

On display were several stunning projects that featured the Pink and Main Flock. I love anything that is textured and couldn’t get enough of the flock material! It’s like running your fingers over crushed velvet! Of course, pictures don’t do it justice!

During today’s live stream, I’m going to play with the Flock using Pink and Main Double-Sided adhesive, stencils, and gloss gel.

To learn more about this product and more, head to the Pink and Main website!

And, a special thank you to Michelle Currie for sending me these awesome goodies!


Disclaimer: The products featured were provided by Pink and Main. Victoria Marie Designs only reviews high quality products from trusted craft and hobby companies. This is not an affiliate post.

Reminder! April 2022 Rock Your Stash Online Virtual Crop is Coming This Weekend!

The April 2022 Rock Your Stash Online Virtual Crop is just around the corner! Come join us on April 22nd -24th for this fun and relaxing online crop event! The theme for this month’s crop is: Old Stash + New Product!

This Crop Event Includes:

  • Stash Themed Challenges – All of the challenges for this crop are based on our theme, Old Stash + New Product! You will be challenged to make scrapbook projects (any format) using items from your stash and newly acquired scrappy goodies!
  • Live Zoom Scrap and Chat Sessions where you can hangout via Zoom with like-minded scrapbookers!
  • One (1) Live 45-minute Mini Class based on the monthly crop theme. This workshop is offered during one of the Live Zoom Scrap and Chat Sessions.
  • Fun Prizes and Giveaways!
  • Price: $9.99 USD per crop!

No Rush to Participate! You are welcome to come and go as you please during this crop event; or access the crop content at another time if you are not available during the crop weekend!

All of the crop content including the challenges and the recordings of the Live Zoom Scrap and Chat Sessions and mini classes will be available for 3 weeks after the scheduled crop weekend! After the 3 week period expires, the crop Facebook group for the scheduled event will be archived.

And the BEST part? Each crop is hosted 100% online in a private Facebook Group! You can enjoy the crops from the comfort of your home!

REGISTRATION: To learn more and to register for the April 2022 Rock Your Stash Online Virtual Crop, click HERE!

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: To see the April 2022 Rock Your Stash Online Virtual Crop Schedule of Events, click HERE!

Note: Challenge descriptions are provided immediately upon registration.

Registration ends on April 23rd at 11:59 pm CST.

I hope to see you there!

My Experience at the 2022 NAMTA/Creativation Trade Show in Orlando, FL!

I just returned from the 2022 NAMTA/Creativation Trade Show in Orlando, FL and thought I would share a quick report of my amazing experience! For those of you who are not familiar, Creativation, formerly know as CHA, is a craft and hobby trade show. This year, due to budgetary issues, Creativation teamed with a fine arts trade show called Art Materials World. 

I had the distinct honor of being invited to attend Creativation by Scrapbook and Cards Today. My job: To film live Facebook content at the show for the SCT community. With me were the awesome Meghann Andrew and Latisha Yoast!  Before I go on, I must say…I LOVE THESE LADIES SO MUCH! We were so excited to finally meet in person!  There was a lot of hugging and non-stop chatter and we all agreed that we needed at least two more days just to hangout and talk some more! 

They have attended Creativation for several years and showed me the lay of the land.  Meghann is the Social Engagement Coordinator and a Crop & Create educator for SCT and has presented SCT at Creativation for 4 years. Latisha is a professional card designer and has attended Creativation as a demonstrator and instructor for various crafting and stamping companies over the years. They are both a wealth of information! 

Latisha, me, and Meghann!

Unlike previous years, this year’s show had reduced vendor participation. Most of the major players in the craft and hobby industry (i.e., American Crafts) were not in attendance. But, the companies that did participate received a lot of attention (and product orders) which is a very good sign.  I hope that in the coming years, Creativation will rebound and more craft and hobby companies will participate again.

Most of our day was spent talking to (and filming) the teams from Simple Stories, Spellbinders, Hero Arts, Pink and Main, Ranger…just to name a few. There are some awesome products coming to the market this fall!  For example, if you love hot foiling, be sure to check out Spellbinders’ new solid hot foil plates! Also, Simple Stories’ Disney inspired collections are out of this world! And their Christmas 2022 collections are stunning! 

The Simple Stories Team

Our friends at Hero Arts are the coolest around! And they invited us out to dinner (more on that later). Be sure to head over to the Scrapbook and Cards Today Facebook page to see the live video of the Hero Arts booth (along with a few other vendors). 

Me and the fabulous Pocono Pam!

In between chatting, hugging, and giggling, we managed to make our way around the show floor, filming and taking photos for the SCT Facebook page and blog. 

We stopped by the Photoplay booth and the owner asked our opinion about  heavy solid cardstock colors. We chatted about paper weight differences, color preferences and so forth – things that matter to paper crafters. I believe they are thinking about adding more paper weight options to their collection, hence our conversation. It was so much fun to “talk shop” with this amazing company!  

Meghann going live on the SCT Facebook page!

The next day, Latisha and I went back to the trade show to film more content for Scrapbook and Cards Today. We also spent time doing make-n-takes and watching product demonstrations. Here’s a super cool water marbling demo by Deco Arts!  

Marbling demonstration by Deco Arts

I got the opportunity to make this sample and take it home! 

Next up, Pam, Dana, Latisha, and I headed to the Gel Press booth for some print making shenanigans! Pam and Dana had never tried print making before and were a bit hesitant. After tons of peer pressure, they finally dug in and had a blast!  

Making awesome prints with the fabulous Dana Joy!

And of course, I ran into a lot of my industry friends! Many of us connected in 2020 (or before) and were so excited to finally meet in person! Team and Jeff Lindberg!
We ran into my friend Beth Kingston of Kingston Crafts!
I finally go to hug my friend Jana Eubank (Simple Stories)!
I hung out with these two beauties – Mindy Eagen and Marie Willis (Hero Arts)

Overall, this was a great experience and I had a lot of fun. Also, I’m completely exhausted after walking more than 20,000 steps per day, not including my visit to Epcot at Disney World; and of course, from the excitement of seeing all of my awesome industry friends! 

My cup is full! I returned home with fresh ideas and lots of energy to pursue several Victoria Marie Designs projects that have been waiting in the wings. I’m ready to keep moving forward with the support and wisdom of many people who have paid their dues in this industry. 

I am forever grateful!

Registration is Now Open! April 2022 Rock Your Stash Online Virtual Crop!

Registration is now open for the Victoria Marie Designs April 2022 Online Virtual Crop: Old Stash + New Product! During this crop, we are going to focus on creating scrapbook projects (any format) using items from our older stash along with newer products. This is a great way to get some utility out of those items that have been stashed away along with your newer scrapbook products.

April 2022 Theme – Use Your Tools
The theme for the April 2022 crop is: Old Stash + New Product. All of the scrapbook challenges for this crop will be based on using your older scrapbook stash along with your newer scrapbook products.

The April 2022 online virtual crop includes:

  • Fun Scrapbook Challenges!
  • Super Cool Prizes!
  • Fun Giveaways!
  • 5 Live Zoom Scrap and Chat Sessions, one session includes a 45-minute Mini Workshop: Tips for Creating with Old Stash and New Products!
  • The crop is hosted in a private Facebook Group!
  • Only $9.99 USD!

REGISTER TODAY! For full details and to register for this event, click HERE!

Registration ends on April 23, 2022 at 11:30 pm CST!

Come relax and have some fun with us…you will be glad that you did! See you soon!

SAVE THE DATE – April 2022 Rock Your Stash Online Virtual Crop!

The April 2022 Rock Your Stash Online Virtual Crop is coming! This online crop is scheduled for April 22-24, 2022.

If you are looking for a relaxed scrapbooking experience with fun challenges, prizes, giveaways, and Live Zoom Scrap and Chat sessions, come join us!

Additional details and registration information will be available on Monday, April 11th here on the Victoria Marie Blog and on the Victoria Marie Designs Eventbrite page.

To learn more about the 2022 Rock Your Stash Online Virtual Crops and to access the 2022 Online Virtual Crop Calendar, click HERE or click on Online Virtual Crops at the top of the screen.

Stay tuned for more details!

SAVE THE DATE! Scrapbook Like a Boss Live Creative Workshop Series – Summer 2022!

Need something fun to do this summer? Stay tuned! I will be offering 2 awesome creative workshops LIVE on Zoom!

LEARN fun scrapbooking techniques, MAKE awesome projects!


May WorkshopTechniques for High Impact LayeringDate: May 28-29, 2022

June Workshop: 6×6 Paper Pad Techniques for Scrapbookers – Date: June 25-26, 2022


Full details and pricing will be available in a few weeks on the Victoria Marie Blog…stay tuned for more!


Be sure to subscribe to the Victoria Marie Designs eNewsletter to receive updated information about this workshop and other Victoria Marie Designs events! Click HERE to subscribe or select NEWSLETTER at the top of the screen!


Organizing Your Scrappy Space? Start with a Brutal Purge!

Spring is here and it’s a great time to organize your scrappy space! But, before you dive in, I want to recommend something that I believe is the best starting point for any organization process: THE BRUTAL PURGE!

Hear me out…

How many times have you tackled an organization project only to find yourself organizing the same unwanted or unused items over and over again?

How many times have you kept a particular scrappy item due to a sentimental attachment to the item?

How many times have you said, “I’m going to use this one day!” only to put the item back into a container, never to be seen again?

Let’s be honest here…you will probably NEVER use the items that you are so desperately holding on to! So, here’s a little food for thought: Why not let something go in order to make space for the items that you truly love and enjoy?

Allow me to introduce you to the BRUTAL PURGE!

Anytime I am preparing to organize my scrapbook studio, I start with a brutal purge. I know, that sounds harsh! But, what I mean by “brutal purge” is taking the time to go through all of your scrapbook supplies and QUICKLY make decisions about the items you want to keep and let go.

This process involves letting go of any excuses that stop you from making decisions about your scrapbook supplies (e.g., “I might need that item in the future!” or “I’m saving this item for the perfect story!”). Also, the purging process forces you to be honest with yourself about the products that you actually use versus the products you are hanging on to (for whatever reason).

So, grab a box (or two) and give yourself permission to PURGE!

Here’s what I recommend:

  • First, pick ONE section in your scrappy space (e.g., a drawer, a shelf, your craft desk) and assess the supplies that are located in that section.
  • Next, set a timer for 1 hour. I have found that purging in 1 hour increments forces me to make quick decisions and to stay focused on the task at hand.
  • Start going through all of the supplies in your selected section, quickly making decisions about what you will keep and let go. If you are not sure if you want to let go of a particular item, set it aside and come back to it later.
  • Place any unwanted items in a box or container. The box should leave your scrappy space immediately once you are done with the purging session. Also, be sure to make plans to donate or sell your unwanted items.
  • When the 1 hour timer goes off, assess the items that you are keeping and letting go, including the items that you were not sure about (make a final decision about those items).
  • If you are happy with your decisions, move on to the next section of your scrappy space and repeat this process until you have purged and removed all of your unwanted scrapbook supplies.

Purging and organizing a scrapbook space takes time, effort, and patience. Consider breaking down this task over the period of a few days or weeks as to avoid overwhelm and burnout. It’s amazing what can get done in short blocks of time!

Also, the purging process provides a clean slate and leads to a pleasant organization experience! When unwanted items are out of the way, you can begin to make organizational decisions about the items you want to keep and use on a regular basis.

Your scrapbook space should be a creative respite that contains the items that you love and use on a consistent basis. It’s okay to give yourself permission to brutal purge! Let go of the items that no longer serve a purpose in your scrapbooking journey…you will be glad that you did!

If you are looking for spring clean inspiration, check out my Scrapbook Studio Spring Clean Series on the Victoria Marie YouTube Channel! And stay tuned for a full tour of my studio, coming later this week!

Only 3-Days Left! Register TODAY! March 2022 Rock Your Stash Online Virtual Crop!

Reminder! There are only 3 days left to register for the March 2022 Rock Your Stash Online Virtual Crop, scheduled for March 18-20, 2022! This awesome online event features fun scrapbook challenges, prizes, giveaways, and Live Zoom Scrap and Chat Sessions, complete with a Mini Workshop!

For full details and to register, click HERE!

All of the Victoria Marie Designs Online Virtual Crops are focused on using your stash! This month’s theme is Use Your Tools! If you have a bunch of scrapbooking and crafting tools hanging around in your scrappy space, this event is for you!

Let’s be honest…scrapbooking tools are so much fun to purchase (and collect), however, using the tools we purchase presents another challenge! If we are going to invest the money in your crafting tools, it’s important that we put them to good use.

The March 2022 Online Virtual Crop will help you do just that…USE YOUR TOOLS! All of the challenges for this crop are designed to encourage you to use your tools in a creative way to make scrapbook projects. So, if you haven’t reached for your favorite scrapbook tool in a while, or if you are hesitant to open a new scrappy tool that you have recently purchased, come join us!

Be inspired by and connect with other scrapbookers who want to get the most usage out of their scrappy tools! I hope to see you there!

REGISTER TODAY! To learn more and to register for this awesome crop event, click HERE!

My Scrapbook Studio Spring Clean Series!

Spring is almost here and that means it is time for a new season and a fresh start! During this time of the year, I spend a considerable amount of time purging, cleaning, and organizing my home, including my scrapbook studio. This week, I am featuring a new Spring Clean Series on the Victoria Marie YouTube Channel!

During this series, I am purging a TON of scrapbook and crafting materials, as well cleaning and organizing my studio. At the end of this series, I will share a full scrapbook room tour and I’ll be hosting a really fun giveaway, so stay tuned!

Be sure to head to the Victoria Marie YouTube Channel to see the first video in this series. In today’s video, I am tackling my paper stash, kits, embellishments, and other crafty materials. And throughout the week, I’ll be purging and organizing other areas of my studio to include my die cutting and printing station, stamps, tools, adhesive stash and more!

Be sure to join me all week long for spring cleaning inspiration and tips for getting your scrapbook space in tip top shape!

Let’s do this!