From a Victoria Marie Patreon Member…

I love hanging out with the Victoria Marie Scrap Boss Patreon community! I especially love the fact that I can create a level of engagement that allows for our community to talk about all things scrapbooking, and in some cases, connecting one-on-one.

For example, Gold and Platinum level Scrap Bosses enjoy the benefit of hanging with me during live stream events, and Platinum Scrap Bosses can schedule private 1-hour scrapbook coaching session with me once a month.

As Victoria Marie Patron member Jaime McDonald recently commented, โ€œThe individual time with you each month, I mean come onโ€ฆwhere else can you get that!โ€

THIS means so much to me and I am excited to connect with each and every one of you! Want to learn more about becoming a Victoria Marie Scrap Boss Patron, CLICK HERE!

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Excludes: YouTube Master Class for Scrapbook Creatives

My Goal as a Patreon Creator

As a Patreon content creator, my goal is very clear:

To provide high-quality, exclusive scrapbooking content that inspires scrapbookers to document their stories and to create stunning layouts.

I want to connect with a community of creatives who understand the importance of preserving memories and stories for the next generation. I want to be your creative scrapbooking coach – a resource that you can trust as you embark on your storytelling journey.

Becoming a Victoria Marie Scrap Boss Patron means that you get access to exclusive Victoria Marie content, a chance to hang with a community of like-minded scrapbookers, receive a ton of creative inspiration, and get creative support from me…Victoria Marie!

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Will you join me on this journey?

Just 3 More Days to Save 15% – Victoria Marie Online Classes 4th of July Sale!

Happy 4th of July Scrap Bosses!

While you are enjoying the holiday festivities, don’t forget to take advantage of the Victoria Marie Online Classes 4th of July Sale!

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Have a safe and happy holiday!

Sale Excludes: YouTube Master Class for Scrapbook Creatives

What if I told you…

What if I told you that you could have one-on-one access to your very own scrapbooking coach?

Someone who could assist you with scrapbooking design ideas, troubleshoot a difficult layout, help you create a photo organization system, or discuss ways in which you can turn your scrapbooking hobby into a career?

Does this sound interesting to you?

Stay tuned for more information! An exciting Victoria Marie Patreon offer is coming soon!

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I Killed a Kit! NEW Scrapbook Process Video – “This is Me”

Don’t you just love the feeling that you get after killing a kit? You know…using up every single element until you have nothing (or very little) left? I most certainly do!

In fact, I am on a mission this year to do exactly that – using my kits (subscription or homemade) until there are no remaining elements.

This process accomplishes a couple of things: (1) I get a lot of utility from my kits – I am forced to use my kit materials in new and creative ways, and (2) I get a lot of monetary value from my kit subscriptions.

In this process video, I use the last remaining bits from several Felicity Jane kits to create a 12×12 layout and 1 card.

To see this layout come together, click on the video below.

Felicity Jane Kits: And if you want to learn more about Felicity Jane scrapbooking kits and products, CLICK HERE! *

*Affiliate Link: Always free for you to use, however, I receive a small commission whenever a Felicity Jane product is purchased using this link. Thanks for your support!