Quick Tutorial! Learn About Asymmetrical Scrapbook Design

Today on the Victoria Marie YouTube Channel, I am sharing a quick tutorial about asymmetrical scrapbook design. This design technique is perfect for creating scrapbook layouts with tons of visual impact and interest.

What is Asymmetry?

Asymmetry is the lack of symmetry or equality between halves of a design. In a symmetrical design, both halves of a design will be the same (or similar) in terms of scale and elements used. However, in an asymmetrical design, both halves of the design will be of different size and weight. However, keep in mind that asymmetry does not refer to the absence of balance. Finding balance in an asymmetrical design can be tricky based on how your eye interprets the design.

Balance is truly in the eye of the beholder!

Quick Tutorial! To learn a little more about asymmetrical scrapbook design, check out the video below. Photos of today’s project along with a supply listed are provided as well.

For this project, I used the Spring Vibes Collection by Pinkfresh Studio. This collection features a ton of floral die cuts that are perfect for creating this asymmetrical design!

In this design, one half of the layout contains a large cluster of floral elements and the other half features a smaller cluster of elements. The small cluster works to balance the larger cluster of elements thus creating an asymmetrical design.

While each cluster contains a different number of elements, both clusters feature similar elements in terms of style and color, thus lending to a cohesive scrapbook design. Also, notice that the larger cluster compliments the 4×6 inch photo on the left side of the layout, while the 3×4 inch photo balances the smaller cluster on the right side. These small details add a ton of visual interest to a scrapbook layout.

If you are inspired to give this technique a try, come share your project with the Victoria Marie Designs Facebook Group Community or tag me @victoriamariescraps on Instagram! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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