NEW! Sharing My One Little Word Project: Prep and Album Setup

The 2023 One Little Word project is in full swing and today on the Victoria Marie YouTube Channel, I’m sharing my OLW prep process and album setup! I have been participating in OLW since 2019 and it has become one of my favorite scrapbooking projects every year.

OLW as a concept has been around for many years. However, scrapbook industry expert, Ali Edwards, introduced OLW to the storytelling community over 12 years ago. The idea is to select a word that you can live through and reflect on throughout the year.

This year, I have selected the word SLOW to guide my life and my intentions in 2023. This word is timely and very much needed as I tend to go at warp speed and often underestimate the importance of slowing down. Throughout the year, I plan to share my OLW journey with you. To be honest, I’m a little scared but also very excited for this word. It is very difficult for me to slow down. I have a strong feeling that SLOW will teach me a thing or two – a lot life lessons are ahead of me and I am thankful for that!

So far, SLOW as taught me to be still, to embrace being quiet, to take a break, to read, to study, to think, and to relax. I am opening my heart and my mind to intentionally practicing the art of going slow. In some ways this is very easy, in others ways it is extremely hard. Going fast has greatly impacted my personal and professional life. I have learned that I need to pump the breaks a bit and enjoy my life…one day, one moment at a time.

Be sure to head to the Victoria Marie YouTube Channel to see my OLW prep process and album setup. Click on the video below to check it out!

Products Used: This year, I am using a combination of current and older OLW products. Click HERE to view available products. To learn more about One Little Word by Ali Edwards, click HERE!

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