New Year 2023! Craft Studio Cleaning Motivation – Let’s Reset and Refresh!

Happy New Year my friends! I’m back with a fun New Year 2023 Craft Studio Cleaning Motivation video, now available on the Victoria Marie YouTube Channel. Now that 2023 is here, I am taking some time to clean and refresh my craft studio after a very busy holiday season.

I am not productive in a messy space so I make sure to commit a couple of hours to focus on a few cleaning tasks in my craft room to include:

  • Dusting and wiping down surfaces and devices (i.e. cutting machines, printers). It’s amazing how much glitter and dust collects on our surfaces during the holiday season!
  • Storing all of my holiday crafting and card making supplies. I will also purge any supplies that I no longer need.
  • Putting away any remaining scrapbooking kits and collections that I used for contract and freelance projects.
  • Packing up and storing all of my holiday decor – including my craft studio Christmas tree!
  • Vacuuming the carpet and cleaning the baseboards.
  • Cleaning my craft island desktop and shelves.

I share the craft island with my daughter and together, we make sure that our work stations stay cleaned and organized! Truth be told, I cannot start a craft project unless I have a clean surface to work on!

All of my devices are dusted and ready to go! I also use this time to refill my printer ink (if needed), restock my photo paper, and clean my cutting machines and other devices.

I also like to wipe down the front of my craft storage furniture. I sometimes leave inky fingerprints on my furniture when I’m in the process of creating!

I love that all of my supplies and devices have a specific “home” in my craft studio…even my coffee maker! Everything is nice, cleaned, organized, and ready for another year of crafty fun!

Cleaning Motiviation!

If you need a bit of cleaning motivation, check out my latest video, now available on the Victoria Marie YouTube Channel! Let’s make time to refresh and reset our crafty spaces!

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