New Year 2023! Craft Studio Cleaning Motivation – Let’s Reset and Refresh!

Happy New Year my friends! I’m back with a fun New Year 2023 Craft Studio Cleaning Motivation video, now available on the Victoria Marie YouTube Channel. Now that 2023 is here, I am taking some time to clean and refresh my craft studio after a very busy holiday season.

I am not productive in a messy space so I make sure to commit a couple of hours to focus on a few cleaning tasks in my craft room to include:

  • Dusting and wiping down surfaces and devices (i.e. cutting machines, printers). It’s amazing how much glitter and dust collects on our surfaces during the holiday season!
  • Storing all of my holiday crafting and card making supplies. I will also purge any supplies that I no longer need.
  • Putting away any remaining scrapbooking kits and collections that I used for contract and freelance projects.
  • Packing up and storing all of my holiday decor – including my craft studio Christmas tree!
  • Vacuuming the carpet and cleaning the baseboards.
  • Cleaning my craft island desktop and shelves.

I share the craft island with my daughter and together, we make sure that our work stations stay cleaned and organized! Truth be told, I cannot start a craft project unless I have a clean surface to work on!

All of my devices are dusted and ready to go! I also use this time to refill my printer ink (if needed), restock my photo paper, and clean my cutting machines and other devices.

I also like to wipe down the front of my craft storage furniture. I sometimes leave inky fingerprints on my furniture when I’m in the process of creating!

I love that all of my supplies and devices have a specific “home” in my craft studio…even my coffee maker! Everything is nice, cleaned, organized, and ready for another year of crafty fun!

Cleaning Motiviation!

If you need a bit of cleaning motivation, check out my latest video, now available on the Victoria Marie YouTube Channel! Let’s make time to refresh and reset our crafty spaces!

My Scrapbook Studio Spring Clean Series!

Spring is almost here and that means it is time for a new season and a fresh start! During this time of the year, I spend a considerable amount of time purging, cleaning, and organizing my home, including my scrapbook studio. This week, I am featuring a new Spring Clean Series on the Victoria Marie YouTube Channel!

During this series, I am purging a TON of scrapbook and crafting materials, as well cleaning and organizing my studio. At the end of this series, I will share a full scrapbook room tour and I’ll be hosting a really fun giveaway, so stay tuned!

Be sure to head to the Victoria Marie YouTube Channel to see the first video in this series. In today’s video, I am tackling my paper stash, kits, embellishments, and other crafty materials. And throughout the week, I’ll be purging and organizing other areas of my studio to include my die cutting and printing station, stamps, tools, adhesive stash and more!

Be sure to join me all week long for spring cleaning inspiration and tips for getting your scrapbook space in tip top shape!

Let’s do this!