The Victoria Marie Facebook Group is BACK!

Exciting news! The Victoria Marie Facebook Group is BACK!

Here’s the backstory…

A few months ago, I moved the Victoria Marie Facebook Group community to a platform called the Might Network. At the time, I thought that this platform would be a good fit for this community and enable us to increase engagement. 

However, after using this platform for a few months, I have learned that it is not a good fit, both for our community and for me as a content creator. 

Also, the Mighty Network platform can be really difficult to navigate, especially from a backend standpoint – it’s just too complicated to manage. 

So, I made the decision to return our community back to our old stomping grounds…the Victoria Marie Designs Facebook Group!

To join or rejoin the Victoria Marie Designs Facebook Group, click HERE. The group as been reopened so head on over! 


Here are a few of changes that I will be making in October as we transition from the Mighty Network back to Facebook. More details will be provided soon. 

  • Victoria Marie Designs Online Virtual Crops:  Starting in November 2021, I will be hosting my monthly Online Virtual Crops in a private Facebook Group. More details will be shared at a later date so stay tuned. NOTEThe October 2021 Seasons of Change Online Virtual Crop will remain on the Mighty Network Platform until winners are announced on October 12th. 
  • The Project DONE: A Year-Long Scrapbooking Journey online class will be moved to the Victoria Marie Designs Online Classroom, hosted on Thinkific, starting in November 2021. I will provide specific details about this process in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, the class will remain on the Victoria Marie Mighty Network until the transition is complete. 
  • The Victoria Marie Mighty Network site will close on November 1, 2021

To join or rejoin the Victoria Marie Designs Facebook Group, click HERE

Thanks so much for your continued support! As an entrepreneur, I am constantly evaluating my systems, platforms, and processes in order to provide a great experience to this community. 

I am glad that we are going back to where it all started in 2014! 

If you have any questions, be sure to post them in the comments!

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