Victoria Marie Spring Clean Challenge – Week 2: Layout Organization


Hey friends! Welcome to Week 2 of the Victoria Marie Spring Clean Challenge! I am so excited that many of you have been playing along with this challenge and are enjoying the organization process.

This week we are going to focus on those wayward scrapbook layouts that seem to never make it into our scrapbook albums. This of course can be a very large undertaking (depending on how many layouts you have) but it is certainly doable!

Honestly, I admire those who are diligent with layout organization. 🙂

Let’s get started by establishing layout organization and purge criteria. I want to underscore that the systems you create for yourself should be individual and unique to your personal organization style. Likewise, be open to the fact that your system may change as you evolve as a scrapper.


Before you begin this process, you will need to grab a few things:

  • Your layouts…of course!
  • Containers for your layouts
  • Albums and page protectors
  • Post-It Notes and a pen
  • Adhesive of your choice (to repair layouts if needed)
  • A nice clean space such as your desk or floor to spread out and work!


Before you get started, take a moment to establish your organization/purge criteria. In other words, decide if you want to organize your layouts and albums in chronological order, by theme, person, etc.

Next, begin by creating 3 main categories for your layouts: KEEP, REDO, and TOSS.


KEEP: Sort through the stack of layouts that you want to keep. Assign each layout a home based upon your organization criteria. I found it useful to make labels using Post-It notes to further categorize my layouts. For example, all of the layouts pertaining to my daughter went into one stack, sorted by date.

While going through this process, repair any layouts as needed (i.e. missing letters, fallen stickers). I discovered that some of my titles and embellishments were starting to come off. I simply reinforced those elements using Tombo Mono Aqua Adhesive Glue. When you are ready, slip your layouts into page protectors and place them in their assigned album. Don’t forget to label your album!

REDO: Set aside layouts that you want to redo. I recommend placing these layouts in a separate container and storing them by your workspace. That way you can easily reach for these layouts when you are looking for a project to work on.


TOSS: If you have identified a few layouts that you no longer want, its perfectly okay to toss them. Yep, you read that right! More on this topic later. Before you toss a layout, see if there is anything on the layout that can be salvaged (i.e. embellishments, ephemera, title). Also, be sure to safely remove the photo from your layout if you wish to keep it. Of course, you may opt to throw the entire layout away…that is totally up to you.  If you are having second thoughts about tossing a layout, consider giving your unwanted layouts away to a friend or family member.



Somethings to keep in mind:

  • Create a Unique Organization/Purge System: Every scrapbooker is different and will make organization and purge decisions based on his or her level of comfort. Some scrapbookers desire to keep and maintain all of their layouts while others opt to let some go and only keep the layouts they deem “really special”. Either way, you can’t go wrong. Do what feels comfortable and natural to you.
  • Don’t be afraid to change your process: As you evolve as a scrapbooker, the way you organize your layouts may change. Remain open to this and make adjustment as you see fit.
  • Pace Yourself: Remember, this is not a sprint! If you have a lot of layouts, start with a small stack and go from there. You might find that it will take you longer than a week to organize and sort your layouts.
  • It’s Okay to Toss a Layout: Yes, I assure you it is! If there is a layout that you do not like or if it doesn’t serve a purpose in your storytelling journey anymore, consider letting it go. Now, I recognize that scrapbookers have varied opinions about tossing completed layouts so I will come back to this topic later. 🙂

Okay, you are all set to begin your deep layout organization and purge! Take your time and enjoy the process. I will post of video of my process later this week!

If you are playing along, be sure to post a picture of your before and after on the designated post on the Victoria Marie Facebook Group Page! You could be entered to win a Mystery Scrapbook Organization Prize! A winner will be selected on March 27th!

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