Layout Share – “Live in the Moment”


Have you ever taken a picture and thought, “OMG, I have to tell this story!” This photo does it for me!

The Sunday hair dressing ritual is a time honored tradition for so many young girls and moms. This is a time for washing, deep conditioning, and styling – typically done on a Sunday evening in preparation for the week. I remember my mother moisturizing my scalp and braiding my hair – a style that would hold up without much fuss. She was a busy single mother so styling my hair everyday would take up much need time during the week.

My mom is what I call a “kitchen sink stylist”. I remember her telling me to put my head in the kitchen sink as she washed and conditioned my hair. At the time I hated this process because the water would run into my eyes, ears and nose! “Mommy, I drowning!” I would yell. “Girl, you are NOT drowning! Now hush and let me do this!” she would yell in reply.

Old school mamas don’t play!

After this kitchen sink treatment, mom would put on primetime TV…usually Dallas, Falcon Crest, or Dynasty (my love for TV dramas is strong). While she combed, parted and plaited, we watched the Ewing family shenanigans unfold (love me some J.R. Ewing)!

This was our ritual…every Sunday night.

Now I am a mom of a spritely little girl and I have carried on the same ritual (minus the hair braiding…I am not a good hair braider). Each Sunday I wash, condition, and style my little girl’s hair. We catch up on our favorite shows on Netflix – usually Project Runway (my daughter’s favorite) and I style her hair. Instead of the kitchen sink, I wash my daughter’s hair while she takes a bath. Sadly, she is learning to wash her own hair – this signals a slight change to our weekly ritual. (Sniff, sniff…big girl status.) 🙁


There are just some stories that are worth telling and often, upon first inspection, these stories may seem ordinarily mundane. But the stories of our routine rituals are important to the fabric of our storytelling and should be included in our memory albums.

For this layout I used the March 2017 Jane Kit by Felicity Jane. For the title, I used an exclusive Felicity Jane cut file called “Live in the Moment” – this cut file is free on the Felicity Jane website. The layers and clusters are mounted on a piece of gray cardstock. To add a bit of interest, I cut a triangle piece from one of the pattern papers from the kit to serve as an anchor for my photo and embellishments. To this I added flowers, a tab, and labels from the exclusive cut apart sticker sheet.

Clean, simple,  and easy.


Head on over to the Victoria Marie YouTube channel and check out the process video for this layout! And remember…our everyday stories deserve a space in our memory keeping journey! Be well!

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