December Daily 2015 – Day 1


The Story for Today:

My daughter and I headed to a home decor store called At Home (formerly Garden Ridge). I was in search of new Christmas pretties that I can use to deck the halls this holiday season. With my Mini Me in tow, we walked in, grabbed a cart, and started our shopping trip. Little One noticed a sales ad in the cart and insisted on reading the specials of the day:

“Mom! Can you believe it! The blankets are on sale for $19.99! And the flowers are on sale for $29.99! Amazing!”

She is saying all of this as she leans back in the cart, sales ad open! The girl is hilarious!

I love these moments. She gets so super excited about the holidays. In fact, as we were walking into the store she said, “Mom, I love this time of year.”

“Oh really, why?” I asked.

“Because, its so much FUN!”

We skipped along…hand in hand. This is what its all about! I would bottle her sense of wonder and sell it for a million bucks! Here’s to a great Christmas season!

The Layout – Day 1



The Process Video – Enjoy!

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