Let’s Begin! December Daily 2022: Stories 1-4

It is officially December Daily time and I am excited for another year of documenting my holiday memories. To be honest, it has been a while since I’ve completed a full December Daily project. In fact, the last album I completed was in 2017! A lot has happened since 2018 which resulted in half finished (or never started) December Daily projects.

For 2022, I decided to repurpose my unused 2018 December Daily album and stash, mainly because I could not justify buying new products this year (I have plenty). My plan is to document a variety of stories this month – current, past, my holiday favorites, life-course transitions, and everything in between. This process allows me to be flexible and fluid with my storytelling versus worrying about finding a story to document on a specific day.

During a recent livestream on the Victoria Marie YouTube Channel, I talked about my December Daily prep, my project plans, and I set up my holiday scrapbooking cart. To see the replay of this livestream, click on the video below!

After watching the December Daily Prep livestream replay, be sure to check out today’s process video (posted below) that features the first four stories in my album. To make things easy, I am designing a lot of clean and simple layouts with a few interactive pages. As I mentioned, everything I’m using is from past December Daily kits, along with a few items from Elle’s Studio and Felicity Jane. Unfortunately, most of the materials I’m using are no longer sold. However, I have provided links to available collections below.

Below are a few photos of layouts 1-4. I love focusing primarily on the story and using simple embellishments to make my pages pop!

Story #1: Noelle Tradition – To kick off the holiday season, my daughter and I like to watch Noelle on Disney Plus while eating waffles and bacon and drinking hot cocoa. This has been our post-Thanksgiving tradition since 2019. This year, I wasn’t entirely sure if she would be interested in continuing our tradition. Tweens can be so unpredictable. To my surprise, she still loves our little tradition!

Story #2: Decorating the Tree – Decorating the Christmas tree is always an eventful task when my spouse and kid are involved! For this layout, I created an interactive element using acetate. The acetate cover flips up to reveal a 6×8 inch photo of my spouse and daughter hiding behind and under our Christmas tree as I say, “Hey, let’s take a photo.” They are jerks!

I created a 6×8 inch journaling page on the back of the interactive page, documenting the story of my crazy family and their silly antics. We always find joy and laughter in the simple things.

Story #3: Sleepy Tween – It is not often that my tween falls asleep on me. But when it does happen, I make sure to snap a photo!

Story #4: My Holiday Tees – I am that person who loves graphic holiday t-shirts! This year, I received a new shirt from my spouse that features Peter Billingsley from the movie A Christmas Story. There will be several layouts in this album devoted to my holiday gear!

For this spread, I created an interactive flip-up which allows me to add more photos to this 6×8 inch album.

Well friends, this project is well underway! I will be documenting and adding more stories to this album and taking you along for the ride. Look for more December Daily process videos to come on the Victoria Marie YouTube Channel!

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