1 Paper Pad + 10 Layouts…This Was a Crazy Challenge!

A couple of week’s ago, I challenged myself to use 1 paper pad to create 10 scrapbook layouts. And to make things interesting, I constructed all 10 layouts during my Wednesday YouTube Livestream!

You read that right…ALL 10 LAYOUTS!

This all began when I was purging and organizing my scrapbook studio several months ago. During this process, I let go of several paper pads but kept a small stack (just in case). I told myself that I could keep my remaining paper pads if I used them on a big scrapbook project sometime in the near future.

Recently, while going through my scrapbook supplies, I came across the Arcadia Paper Pad by DCWV. I love the color palette of this paper pad and immediately knew that I had to use it. I also wanted to inspire other scrappers to use paper pads from their stash to create stunning scrapbook projects.

So, my 1 Paper Pad + 10 Layout Challenge was born!

My process was simple:

  • Deconstruct the Arcadia paper pad to create 10 scrapbook kits (3-4 pattern papers per kit).
  • Add embellishments from my stash to round out each kit.
  • Use the kits to create 10 layouts!

To see the prep process of this challenge, click HERE! I completed the entire process live on the Victoria Marie YouTube Channel.

The following week, I created all 10 layouts during my weekly livestream. In fact, it took me 3 hours to construct all 10 layouts! Not too shabby! To see the construction of all 10 layouts, click HERE!

After completing this challenge, I had a few scraps of paper left over from the Arcadia paper pad. So, I decided to make a few extra projects to include tags, cards, and more. And of course, I created all of these projects live on my YouTube Channel…click HERE to check it out!

Overall, I absolutely LOVED this entire experience – from deconstructing the Arcadia paper pad to making a bunch of layouts. But, what I love the most is that several members of our scrappy community were inspired to do this challenge as well! I love seeing all of your projects on Instagram and Facebook!

So, the questions remains…will I do this challenge again? You bet! In fact, I’m planning another challenge for October 2022 so stay tuned for more.

Meanwhile, the following are photos of all 10 layouts plus the bonus projects I created using the Arcadia paper pad. If you were inspired to create scrapbook projects based on this series, be sure to tag me on Instagram @victoriamariescraps or on Facebook!

The Projects

Layout #1: This Story – 12×12 inch Single Page

Layout #2: She is Lost In a Book – 12×12 inch Single Page

Layout #3: Lovely Day – 12×12 inch Single Page

Layout #4: You Make Today Better – 8.5×11 inch Single Page

Layout #5: Crafty Merch – 12×12 inch Single Page

Layout #6: Mom Life – 12×12 inch Single Page

Layout #7: What a Crazy Kid – 8.5×11 inch Single Page

Layout #8: Love – 12×12 inch Single Page

Layout #9: Everyday Calvins – 12×12 inch Single Page

Layout #10: Sunshine Girl – 12×12 inch Single Page

Bonus Projects Using Scraps from the Arcadia Paper Pad

Projects: Frames, Tabs, Pockets, Embellishments

Projects: Cards (US A2 4.25 x 5.5 inch)

Projects: Tags

Projects: Pre-Made Scrapbook Backgrounds (12×12 inch Single Page)

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6 thoughts on “1 Paper Pad + 10 Layouts…This Was a Crazy Challenge!

  1. Erika J says:

    That was really fun to watch, you’re so dang creative! Just curious, do you feel like there is enough variety in how these turned out that you won’t feel like ‘Ugh, there is that paper again!’ when you see them in albums? That’s been my hesitation about using a big paper pad like this to create a bunch of layouts all at once.

    • victoriamarieblog says:

      Thanks so much! And that’s a great question! Since the layouts will go in different albums based on the subject and theme, I don’t worry that much about style or color repetition. But I can see your point!

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