NEW! Scrapbook Layering Series – Layout Study: Why This Works!

Today on the Victoria Marie YouTube Channel, I’m kicking off my Scrapbook Layering Series! In this series, I will be addressing some of your questions about scrapbook layering techniques, from creating a balanced composition, recommended products, layering techniques and more!

We will begin this series with a layout study, which is essentially studying a layout and taking note of what makes the layout composition work. A layout study is a great place to start if you struggle with layering or want to refine your layering skills.

Be sure to head over to the Victoria Marie YouTube Channel to check out the first video in this series. Also, the projects featured in today’s video are provided below. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments section of this blog post or in the comments section of this video!

Layout Study – Why This Work

Layout #1: Happy and Gray (8.5×11 inch Layout)

Why This Work: This layout features a torn distressed background composition that adds lots of interest without overwhelming the entire layout. The layered clusters are composed of a variety of elements to include die cuts, fabric butterflies, and wood veneer elements. Additionally, the elements have a different size and scale which helps to create a balanced composition. Lastly, the diagonal positioning of the layered clusters draws the eye directly to the photo.

Layout #2: Journey – Let’s Go (12×12 inch Layout)

Why This Works: This layout features a visual triangle which draws the eye from the top right of the layout, to the center left by the photo, and ending at the bottom right with a small layered cluster. Notice how each cluster has similar elements -die cuts, foam stickers, and enamel dots. This helps to balance the overlook of the layout while adding a bit of cohesion. Also, each cluster is a different size, from the mid-size title cluster to the smaller cluster at the bottom – all working together to balance the total composition of the layout.

Layout #3: Squeeze the Day (12×12 inch Layout)

Why This Works? This is a perfect example of an asymmetrical layered scrapbook composition! The bottom 2/3 of the layout features a dynamic title, flanked by two clusters of embellishments. Most of the interest rests in the lower part of the layout, however, it is balanced by the smaller cluster at the top of the page. Each layered cluster features similar elements – chipboard elements, a butterfly, and flat-back brads. The variety of elements used adds a ton of texture and interest to this layered scrapbook page.

Layout #4: She Calls Me Momski (12×12 inch Layout)

Why This This Works: This layout features a stunning collection of layered fabric pockets that are positioned on the right side of the page, which is complimented by a small layered cluster on the left side of the layout. The positioning and design of these elements draws the eye from the left to the right side of the layout. Each of the four pockets on the right side feature layered die cuts, wood veneer and chipboard elements. The pockets appear to be self-contained but they work together to create a stunning design. To balance the layout, a smaller layered cluster was added to the bottom left of the photo using chipboard and die cut elements.

I hope this layout study gave you a little more insight into the concept of layering. Of course, we are only scratching the surface! We will continue to explore more layering concepts through this series in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, be sure to post them in the comments section! Stay tuned for more to come!

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