December Daily Story #2: Noelle and Waffles

Merry Christmas and welcome to the Victoria Marie Blog! Today, I am sharing Story #2 of my December Daily 2021 album called Noelle and Waffles.

About two years ago, my daughter and I started a new holiday tradition – we watch Noelle on Disney Plus while eating delicious waffles, bacon, and hot chocolate. When this movie first premiered, we watched it over 25 times during the month of December! Since then, it has become one of our favorite holiday movies.

I kept this spread simple – the journaling is typed on a 3×8 inch pocket card from an older December Daily kit. I created a text box in Photoshop, printed a test copy, then adhered the 3×8 pocket card over the test copy and ran it through my printer.

Next, I resized and printed the Noelle movie posted (Google images) and added photos of my daughter and I enjoying our special Noelle breakfast.

On the outside of the 6×8 inch page protector, I adhered two chipboard stickers and a wood veneer label that says, “This makes my heart happy” – the perfect sentiment for this story.

On the back, I added a pocket card from the December Daily 2020 kit along with additional photos (3×4 inch and 4×6 inch).

As my daughter gets older, I am noticing that her interests are changing. The little preschooler that was once super excited for Santa to come has been replaced with a tween who prefers to stay in her room (most days of the week). It is a bittersweet transition. However, I am comforted by the fact that there are some traditions that we can enjoy together…without tween angst!

To see this spread come together, check out the video below! Happy Holidays friends!

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