REMINDERS! Victoria Marie Scrapbooking Goddess Stamp, New Online Class – Creative Jumpstart for Scrapbookers!

Hey Scrap Bosses! Just a few reminders as we head into the weekend! There are so many awesome things going on at Victoria Marie Designs, check it out!

Victoria Marie Shop – Scrapbooking Goddess Stamp Set

There are a limited number of Scrapbooking Goddess Stamp Sets available in the Victoria Marie Shop! This stamp set is part of an Ink Road Stamps and Victoria Marie Designs collaboration and features fun acrylic photopolymer stamps – perfect for any scrapbooking project!

Grab a set while supplies last! To purchase, CLICK HERE!


Registration is now open for Creative Jumpstart for Scrapbookers! Grab your spot during the Early Bird Sale! Class will begin on Friday, January 17th!

Creative Jumpstart for Scrapbookers by Victoria Marie Online Classes, is a self-paced, 6-week online course designed for those who are looking for creative inspiration, want to deep dive into some of the most popular scrapbooking techniques, and use the skills learned in this course to create stunning scrapbook projects!

Course topics include:  

Week 1: Master Layering – Students will learn how to create a layered scrapbook design (from background to embellishments) using my three-step layering process (anchor, stack the deck, finishing details). A focus on pattern, texture, size, and scale will be discussed. Students will create two projects using the techniques in this lesson.

Week 2: Stamping Made Easy – This lesson will specifically focus on how to incorporate stamping on a scrapbook layout using a variety of stamp designs and sizes. Tips for stamped backgrounds, titles, and embellishments will be explored. Students will complete this lesson by creating two scrapbook projects using some of the stamping techniques discussed in this lesson.

Week 3: Sketch It Out – This lesson will focus on incorporating sketches as tool for scrapbook design. Students will learn how to interpret a sketch and how to alter a sketch based on personal aesthetic. Students will create a sketch of their own and use their sketch to create a scrapbook layout.

Week 4: Stitching on a Layout – This lesson will cover the fundamentals of stitching on a layout (machine stitching, hand stitching, and faux stitching). Students will be challenged to create two scrapbook projects using stitching techniques. Note: You DO NOT need a sewing machine for this lesson!

Week 5: Color Freedom – In this lesson, students will learn how to incorporate the color wheel in selecting a color palette for a scrapbook layout and how to work with different color combinations. Students will create two projects using the techniques covered in this lesson.

Week 6: Pattern Love – This lesson will cover a simple approach to using pattern paper on a scrapbook layout – from background and photo layers, to using pattern paper to create embellishments. Students will explore how to use shape, size, and scale when coordinating pattern papers for a scrapbook project. Students will create two scrapbook projects using the techniques in this lesson.

Content Level: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance

This interactive 6-week course features weekly lessons, instructional videos, instructional project videos, PDF project guides, and access to the Victoria Marie Online Classes Facebook Group.

The focus of this course is simple: Students will learn fun scrapbooking techniques and create scrapbooking projects using the techniques presented in the course. Each week offers a new opportunity to explore, play, and take creative risks!

Cost: $45.00

Sale: Take $5.00 – Use code SCRAP5 at checkout! Sale ends on 1/16/2020!

Class will begin on Friday, January 17th! This is a self-paced online class so feel free to start and stop at anytime once the course content is posted, starting with Week 1: Master Layering! Thanks for your support and I look forward to seeing you in the classroom!


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