How to Overcome Scrapbook Project Overwhelm!


Project #15068372 – Putting my finished scrapbook layouts away. Ugh!

We have all been there…too many scrapbook projects and not enough (insert your reason here) to complete them. We look over at those piles of photos, boxes of supplies, and unfinished albums and panic rushes in!  “When will I ever finish these projects?” we say to ourselves. The whole process can be downright overwhelming.

So, what causes scrapbook project overwhelm? A few things come to mind:

  • Taking on too many creative projects and setting unrealistic expectations for completing them.
  • Lack of time – personal or professional commitments often take priority over our creative hobbies.
  • Lack of creative mojo – not sure what to create, how to create it, and what materials to use.
  • Difficulty finding a starting point – “Should I start with my older photos first or with my most current photos? Chronological order or by event?”
  • Availability of supplies may be hindered by limited space, relocation, etc.
  • Too many photos and memorabilia to organize; trouble making decisions about what photos to use on a scrapbook layout versus the photos that will live in a photo album.
  • And so on and so on and scooby dooby doo! (A little Sly and the Family Stone anyone? 🙂 )

But have no fear my friends! I am here to solve all of your problems (yet again)! Well, at least this one scrappy problem. 🙂


Need time to finish a project? Attend a scrapbook retreat or crop!

If you want to overcome scrapbook overwhelm, give these tips a try:

TIP #1: STOP taking on too many scrapbooking projects! Prioritize your storytelling projects throughout the year, committing to a reasonable and realistic number of projects to complete. For example, setting a goal to finish 3 major scrapbook projects in a 12 month period is a lot more doable than trying to finish 3 major projects in one month! Or, consider working on smaller projects to get the ball rolling – complete an unfinished mini album, put completed scrapbook layouts in an album, etc.

TIP #2: Make the time to work on your scrapbook projects. Set aside 15-30 minutes a couple nights a week or devote a block of time on the weekend to work on a project. Also, make sure that your scrapbook project is visible. Keep your layout and a few scrapbooking supplies in a place where you will see them everyday. For example, when you have a spare minute, take a little time to add embellishments or position a title on your layout . Working in chucks is a great way to get projects done!

TIP #3: Find a starting point. If you have a ton of scrapbooking projects, consider working simultaneously on an older project along with a newer project. This process gives you the freedom to catch up on older scrappy projects while scrapbooking current stories.

TIP #4: Take the time to organize and purge your photos and scrapbook memorabilia. NOTE: This does not have to be done in one organization session. Pick a stack (box, digital folder) of photos and memorabilia and get to work! Schedule short blocks of time for this task – you will be amazed how quickly you can work through your photo and memorabilia backlog!

TIP #5: Lost your creative mojo? Work on a project that is not related to scrapbooking. Mixed media, planning, art journaling, sewing, knitting, watercoloring, and hand lettering are fantastic creative options that can inspire and inform potential scrapbook design. Sometimes we need to allow ourselves to step away from scrapbooking in order to find our creative scrappy mojo! And to get projects done!

There you have it!  A few practical ways to bust through scrapbook project overwhelm. If you have experienced and overcome scrapbook project overwhelm, be sure to share your story and tips in the comments section!

Now, let’s dig into this creative thing we call scrapbooking and get some projects done!

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