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Many years ago, I was an avid stamp collector. At one point I owned over 100 acrylic and wood mount stamps! One day, I realized that I wasn’t using my stamps on a regular basis (not the case anymore) and I needed to make some hard decisions about my stamp collection. So, I did a brutal purge and donated a majority of my stamps to my daughter’s school and a local woman’s shelter. I only kept the stamps that I loved and wanted to use on a regular basis. And those stamps had to fit into 1 container.

Off to the Container Store I went in search of storage solutions! I found this super cute basket along with a set of storage envelopes – the perfect storage option for my small stamp collection.


I kept most of my acrylic stamps in their original packaging. However, some of my stamps were removed from their packing, so I placed those stamps in clear storage pockets and categorized the stamps by theme: celebration, birthday, letters, numbers, etc.  Clear pockets allow me to see the stamps for easy referencing and use.


After my brutal purge, I maintained a small collection of wood mount stamps. I only kept the stamps that I absolutely love and could not live without. These stamps are housed on my embellishment center above my craft desk. I am a strong believer in storing your most used scrapbooking tools and materials close to your workspace…this increases the likelihood that you will use them!


My wood mount stamps are not only functional, but they serve as a great decorative element in my creative space!


Now, this will come as no surprise, but since I adopted this storage system, I have acquired more stamps! My new stamps do not fit into my current storage container, so I organized them by manufacture or designer and use loose leaf rings to keep the stamps together, like the Elle’s Studio stamps that are pictured here.  Eventually, these stamps will be placed in a storage container.


So there you have it…my stamp storage in a nutshell! If you have any questions about my storage system or the products that are featured in this blog post, be sure to do so in the comments section.

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I hope you have been inspired to organize your stamp stash! Thanks for stopping by!

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