5 Signs You are Overthinking this Scrapbooking Thing

Scrapbooking is supposed to be a relaxing hobby – just grab some photos, a few supplies, maybe a snack, and create a layout, right? But how many times do we labor in the land of overthinking every single detail of every single layout, comparing our work to others, or allowing the lack of time to affect the creative process?


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Oh the madness!

If you are a fellow solider in the overthinker’s war, then you may relate to the following.

5 Reasons You are Overthinking this Scrapbooking Thing (More or Less)

#1 – “P” is for Perfection (and a trap): Do you find yourself pining over every single detail on your layout? Does it take you a long time to make product or design decisions because each element must “perfect”? Have you reprinted photos multiple times in hopes of settling on the “one photo” that will perfectly document your story? Do the colors of your elements and paper have to “match”? Have you recreated a layout multiple times until you “got it right”? Well my friend. Congrats! You are a victim of the perfectionist trap!

#2 – The Comparison Trap (so many traps): Do you compare your creative work to other scrapbookers? Have you set the bar so high (for yourself) that you become discourage about scrapbooking or don’t think that you measure up? Oh boy…you may have fallen into the comparison trap.

#3 – Your Scrapbook Space is Messy = “I cannot scrapbook today!”  Your scrappy space is a hot mess (and the rest of the house is too) and you cannot possibly scrapbook unless your space is neat and tidy. But what if I told you that you can be creative even when your space is blown up? WHAAATTT??!!!!


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#4 – You Don’t Have the Right Products/Supplies: Do you feel that you need the latest “on trend” products in order to make stunning scrapbook pages? Spoiler alert: You don’t need all of the cool stuff to be a scrappy boss!

#5 – You Don’t Have Enough Time to Scrapbook: Life has an interesting way of filling up our schedules with stupid stuff like…adulting (ugh). Wouldn’t it be nice to have endless creative time? Guess what friend? Most of us don’t and many scrapbookers have allowed the lack of time to affect their creative output. For some scrapbookers, not having enough creative time is an all or nothing situation. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Okay, so at this point, you are probably waiting to hear my “break the internet” solutions.

Well here goes…



Scrapbooking is a super fun hobby! It’s relaxing and therapeutic (for some). It is a form of creative expression. Scrapbooking is the vehicle by which we tell our most cherished stories and preserve our memories. Overthinking this wonderful hobby is a waste of creative energy!

Ready for a few solutions? Here goes!


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Break Free of the Traps: There is a saying that goes, “Strive for progress, not perfection”. Your layouts are not going to be perfect. Embrace this and you will be set free! The creative process ebbs and flows – some of our layouts will be stunning, others not so much. Do not waste your creative energy on using the perfect elements on your layouts or comparing your work to other scrapbookers. You are a unique scrappy boss!

Own your style, embrace imperfection, and appreciate your creative output. Move toward creative progress…the more you create, the better scrapbooker (or card maker, or painter) you will become. Also, you do not need all of the fancy tools, and gadgets, and on trend products to make a great layout. Trendy products are great, but certainly not necessary. Use and enjoy your scrappy stash!

Embrace the Mess! Admittedly, I am the type of scrapper who must have a “clean space” or a “clean house” in order to create. But, when the creative juices are flowing, I force myself to embrace the mess! I challenge you to clear a space on your craft table or desk (don’t go crazy), grab a few supplies, and make something. Give yourself the opportunity to indulge without feeling guilty about the stacks of pattern paper in the corner of your room, the dirty dishes in the sink, or the piles of laundry on the floor (it’s just going to pile up again anyway). 🙂 Give your creative soul the attention that it needs!

You Have Time to Create: I am a big proponent of owning my creative time. It’s just as important as brushing my teeth, exercising, and getting sleep. It’s okay to give yourself permission to take time out to fuel your creative soul. This can be accomplished by simply scheduling (and prioritizing) your creative sessions – it doesn’t have to be long…15 minutes here, 30 minutes there. Don’t make this complicated. You don’t need endless hours of creative time to make a great layout.

Also, consider how you use your time and make adjustments accordingly. For example, I have reduced the amount of time I spend on social media in order to have more creative time. This is hard given that my business relies on my social media presence. But it’s necessary to unplug and fill my time with creative activities. You have the time…go find it and own it!

(Okay, I have solved all of your problems. You are welcome. 🙂 )

Friend, I encourage you to let go and enjoy this wonderful hobby. Break away from overthinking and let the creative process do what it is meant to do. Sometimes it will be clean, other times it will be messy. And that’s okay. Free yourself from the “overthinking shackles” and find joy in the creative journey without conditions and limitations. You will be glad that you did. 🙂


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