December Daily Day 2

Good gracious it’s been a few day since I last posted! Life has exploded just a bit and I am finally able to breathe and catch up a bit.  And just as I sat down last night to post the video for Day 2 of my December Daily, technical issues arose which left me utterly helpless in my attempt to edit and load videos.

Alas, all is well (sort of) and I can forge ahead.

Let’s move on to Day 2!


This story is all about my spouse and I and our sucky little date. Yes, even December Daily albums can contain stories that aren’t so bright and cheery. Since we had a free night without our daughter, we decided to see a local production of the Nutcracker. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the Nutcracker and we purchase box seats to a professional performance pretty much every year. However, we thought we struck gold with reasonably priced tickets from Groupon and gave it a shot.

Bad mistake. We left after the second act.

Thinking we could redeem ourselves, we headed to a restaurant called Mash’d that specializes in drinks that are infused with moonshine. My spouse and I are moonshine virgins…let’s just say we were not impressed. The food was okay but nothing to write home about. Couple this experience with the Nutcracker and a reasonably stressful work week…my spouse and I were completely over it!

Oh well. I documented this story anyway. 🙂

Using a 3×8 pocket, I created a journaling card that I designed using the text box tool in MS Word. I printed the text box on white card stock and trimmed the excess so that the journaling fit inside the pocket. Next, I used a circle punch to create a semi-circle out of red card stock from the Felicity Jane Joy Kit and mounted a wood veneer “2” on the semi-circle.


To the left side of the spread, I cut a 3×4 journaling card from patterned cardstock and mounted a white tag to the top of the card. Using an Ali Edwards sticker font set and the Joy stamp set from Felicity Jane, I created the title “Holiday Details – Date”. The photo used for this spread was created in app called Pic Stitch.

To see how this layout came together, head on over to the Victoria Marie YouTube Channel and stay tuned for my Day 3 spread! Thanks for stopping by!

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