Recap – 2nd Annual Victoria Marie Scrapbook Retreat

2nd Annual Scrapbook Retreat

Did you know that I host an annual scrapbook retreat? In fact, this past October I hosted the 2nd Annual Victoria Marie Scrapbook Retreat. This sold out event welcomed 19 lovely scrappers for a weekend of fun, laughter, and of course…scrapbooking! I wanted to share a few highlights from the retreat. I will be posting more information about upcoming retreats soon so stay tuned! And be sure to check out the Victoria Marie Retreat Vlog on the Victoria Marie YouTube Channel.



This year’s retreat was held at the Covered Bridge Inn in Weatherford, TX. This is my second time hosting a retreat at this venue and I absolutely love it! This venue is nestled in a stunning country setting, complete with a two-story house, a large crop room, comfortable sleeping quarters, a deck with hot tub, massage therapy services (by appointment only), and fuzzy chickens! Yep, you read right…fuzzy chickens!

Owners Sandra and Jim Campbell provide the ultimate in guest service and hospitality. Since opening their doors in 2015, their business has grown! Guests feel incredibly welcomed and receive nothing short of 5-star treatment!


Sandra and Jim Campbell, Owners and Innkeepers of the Covered Bridge Inn


The crop room features large spacious tables, perfect for working on a variety of crafting projects, comfy chairs, a large flat screen TV with streaming services, free WiFi, and easy access to restrooms, the kitchen/dining area, ice machine, soda/water station and patio deck.




This year I welcomed 19 scrappy friends from the U.S. and one scrappy friend from the UK – many of whom I have become friends with via the internet over the past 2-3 years. There is nothing better than getting together with like-minded crafty ladies and having a great time!

Retreat guests were greeted with awesome swag, thanks to our 2017 sponsors:


I am so thankful for our sponsors!!!

As everyone settled in, we all enjoyed three awesome evenings of scrapbooking, laughing, and more laughing! I laughed and talked so much that by the end of the retreat, I nearly lost my voice!


A beautiful stamp from Angie Rushlow!


Julia and her stunning layouts!


Karman, Laurie, and Julene working away…


Heidi is relaxing and creating!


My beautiful mess!



Yummy food prepared by Sandra and Jim!


Scrapbooking…it’s what we do!


Alyssa was the first to finish a layout!



On Friday of the retreat, we headed to the Mesquite Pit, a local BBQ joint, for a group lunch. Afterward, some of the guests decided it was worth blowing their life savings and headed over the Tuesday Morning for a shopping spree! One can never have enough scrappy stuff, right?


Lunch at the Mesquite Pit – Weatherford, TX


1, 2, 3…SHOP!! Tuesday Morning flow. 

Later on Friday heading into Saturday, scrappers participated in three fun scrapbooking challenges, most notably the Iron Scrapbooker Challenge where guests were given a set of scrapbooking ingredients and a limited time to create a layout. While some welcomed the challenge, others felt the pressure! In the end, Sarah Swann, a fellow scrappy YouTuber, won the title of Iron Scrapbooker!


Completing the Iron Scrapper Challenge!

Throughout Saturday, guest enjoyed massages and a few more trips to local craft and hobby stores for a bit of shopping. As the day ended, some of us decided to stay up super late, dubbing ourselves “The 3:00 am Crew”.


The 3:00 am Crew! We go hard!

Yeah, I felt it the next day. 🙂


This is Angie…she was named the Union President at the first Victoria Marie Scrapbook Retreat, a title she holds near and dear to her heart. Unfortunately, due to her stringent “keep your scrapbook area clean policy”, she was nearly dethroned by Sarah Stanley! A noticed was left on Sarah’s table, demanding that she keep scrappy space clean.

We are working on bridging the gap…this could get messy! LOL!


Union President Angie Rushlow


The infamous note…scandalous! 



Angie confronting Sarah about her mess…Sarah planning her takeover! They hugged shortly after yet there is still work to do! Of course we everyone cracked up! LOL!


Hosting the 2nd Annual Victoria Marie Scrapbook Retreat was so much fun! This is truly the best part of what I do – bringing together scrappers from all over the world in a space where we can just be who we are, enjoying this amazing hobby, and having a ball!

Check out the Victoria Marie Scrapbook Retreat Vlog on the Victoria Marie YouTube Channel! And stay tuned for information about future retreats!


A great big THANK YOU to all of my scrappy peeps who attend this year’s retreat, to Sandra and Jim Campbell for being excellent hosts, and to our fantastic sponsors!


I love these ladies with all of my heart! 

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