Week 1 – Victoria Marie Spring Clean Challenge: Scrappy Space Organization

Welcome to week 1 of the Victoria Marie Spring Clean Challenge! This week we are focusing on one (1) area of our scrappy spaces. Yep, you read that right…just ONE area! The purpose of this week’s challenge is to jump-start your scrappy space organization.

And to help you, I have created a Creative Space Organization Planner! Use this planner to sketch out your organization plan and to make note of your action steps and supplies needed to get the task done.

This week I am tackling my scrapbook room closet. Here it is in all of its glory:


Yep, I know. 🙁

Sadly, I have put off organizing this closet for several months now. I am typically a very organized person but I cannot stand to look at this closet anymore. But before we get started, we need a plan of action!


  1. Identify one area in your scrappy space that needs to be purged and/or organized. Perhaps you need to sort and organize your stamp collection, paper packs, or embellishments. Select a zone that you can tackle and complete THIS WEEK. The point is not to do a major overhaul of your space…we are only focusing on one area this week.
  2. Using the Creative Space Organization Planner, quickly create a simple plan to organize your identified zone. Jot down your action steps, supplies needed, and make a sketch of what you want your zone to look like.
  3. Get to work! Once your plan is set, it’s time to get to work. Begin by clearing out your zone (i.e. storage bin, closet, drawer, corner) and sorting through your stash. Be sure to sort the items into three categories: KEEP, DONATE, and TOSS. As you are going through this process, you might want to have extra boxes or bags ready for the items you want to donate or toss.
  4. Based on the items you want to keep, you will need to decide if you need additional storage options such as bins or storage boxes. Make a note of this in the “Supplies Needed” section of your planner PDF.
  5. Once you are finished, immediately take the items you want to toss to the trash. Next, place the items you want to donate by your front door or  place them in your car. That way you will not forget to take those items to your local donation center.
  6. At this point, all you should have left is the items you want to keep. If you need to purchase organization bins or other supplies, set some time aside to do that this week. Otherwise, try to use what you currently have on hand to organize your items – old storage boxes and bins, desk organizers, cube systems all work well!
  7. Organize Your Zone – Now you are ready to get your zone in order by organizing your items. If you have one, pull out your label maker or create labels using cardstock and a marker…you don’t need anything fancy!

Once you are done, identify another zone that you can tackle at a future date. Keep the momentum going! Before you know it, you will have a super organized scrappy space that you will be proud of!

Be sure to take a picture of the space or zone that you organized this week and post it to the designated post on the Victoria Marie Facebook Group! Your name will be entered to win a Mystery Scrappy Organization Prize Pack and a 20% off discount toward a Victoria Marie Online Class!

Be sure to check out my organization process video on the Victoria Marie YouTube Channel coming this week!

Happy organizing!

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