Product Review: Totally Tiffany Desk Maid 4-Piece Set

Hello Scrappers! Are you looking for organizers for your scrappy space? I think I have something you will love!


Disclaimer: I received compensation (product) in exchange for writing this review; however, all opinions are my own. 

I was recently approached by Totally-Tiffany to do a review of their Desk Maid 4-Piece Set. Totally-Tiffany sells a variety of organizational products that are prefect for organizing crafting tools and other items.

This set currently retails for $57.96 but is on sale for $49.99!


The Desk Maid 4-Piece Set includes:

1- Tool Tower : This tool tower is perfect for organizing all of your crafty tools! It’s tiered design allows you to easily see and access all of your tools and is small enough to fit comfortably on your desk space.  Dimensions: 9″x5″x 5.5″


1 – Stadium Arranger: This is was one of my favorites in this set! The Stadium Arranger is perfect for organizing a variety of crafty materials from adhesives, ink pads, and daubers. Like the Tool Tower, the tiered designs allows you see all of your materials. Your tools are right at your fingertips! Dimensions: 9″ x 9.5″ x 4.5″


1 – Pencil Perch: If you have a love for color pencils, this organizer is for you! This Pencil Perch hold 36 pencils and displays your pencils on  3 levels.  No more digging around in a drawer or pencil pouch for your pencils. With is organizer, you can clearly see and access your pencils easily. Dimensions: 4.5″ x 6.5″ x 6.5″


1 – Pen and Ink Palace: This was another one of my favorite items from this set! The Pen and Ink Palace is perfect for organizing your ink pads and pens; positioning them in a horizontal orientation. This organizer has staggered pull out shelves; each shelf has a stopper to prevent items from falling in the back of the organizer. On top of this unit is a spot to hold ink bottles, adhesives, small tools, etc.


All of these organizers are made of solid wood and are painted with bright white paint for a very clean and sleek look.

My Thoughts

Of the 4-piece set, I decided to use the Stadium Arranger and the Pen and Ink Palace – my two favorites in the set! I will use the Pencil Perch and Tool Tower at a later time. I was looking all over for something that I could use to organize my small tools. I wanted something that was easy to organize, functional, and allowed me to display my tools and supplies so they are always visible.

Each piece is sturdy and well made. I like how the pieces fit nicely on my desk and do not intrude upon my work space.


I was able to easily fill each organizer and customize them to fit my needs. For example, I took out two of the five shelves in the Pen and Ink Palace to make room for my stackable small ink pads. If for some reason I need to use those shelves again, I can simply rearrange the organizer!



I love having all of my most used tools right at my finger tips!




While I am very pleased with all of the organizers in the Desk Maid 4-Piece Set, I did notice a couple of things:

  1. Upon opening the boxes that contained these organizers, I did noticed a strong paint smell. This wasn’t concerning but certainly something to note.
  2. Also, I noticed inconsistencies in the paint finishes. It appeared that excess paint had dried in some spots or wasn’t evenly applied on other spots on two of the organizers. This doesn’t really bother me but it is defiantly noticeable.


Here’s a spot that wasn’t quite finished.


Overall, I really like this set of organizers! Totally-Tiffany offers a wide range of organizing tools that are certainly worth checking out!

Again, this set is on sale for $49.99…that isn’t bad for 4 pieces! To purchase this set click HERE.

Also, Totally-Tiffany is offering a free Get Organized Challenge Class starting on September 27, 2016! If you are looking for ways to organize your creative space, check it out! For more information about this class, click HERE!

And check out the video review of the Desk Maid 4 Piece Set on the Victoria Marie YouTube Channel! Thanks so much for stopping by and don’t forget to check out Totally-Tiffany!

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