Product Review: Michaels Recollections Traveler’s Notebook


Hello friends! I am back with a quick product review of the Michaels Recollections Traveler’s Notebook. I am completely late to the party with regard to traveler’s notebooks! After seeing so many gorgeous photos of traveler’s journals on Instagram, I had to give this a try. I purchased this pink notebook at my local Michaels store about a week ago…on sale…for only $5.00!!! Wowza!


For those who are not familiar, a traveler’s journal (or notebook) is a simple notebook with a leather cover, used to jot down notes, ideas, quotes, discoveries, details from one’s travels, etc. Traveler’s notebooks have been around for decades! A popular brand, the Midori Traveler’s Journal, has taken off like wildfire! Notebook enthusiasts are using these journals for a variety of reasons to include planning, memory keeping, and art journaling, just to name a few.  I plan to use my notebook to jot down my business ideas, random thoughts and musings, and for memory keeping.

Here’s the cover of my notebook – it’s a faux leather cover lined with thin felt material. This journal comes in several colors but at the time I purchased my journal, the only colors that were left were pink and cream. The cool thing about traveler’s notebooks is that over time, the covers will look worn…and that is exactly the purpose!


This journal comes with two inserts – one is white and the other is craft, a black string, and a bumble bee charm. I purchased additional charms from the jewelry section at Michaels – I wanted to add more flare to my cover!

I thought a good place to start was to decorate the cover of the white insert. I used a number of items from my stash – two pocket scrapbook cards, washi tape, enamels dots, stickers, font stamps by Amy Tangerine, and a roller date stamp by Heidi Swapp. I didn’t have a plan for the design of my cover or my first page. I just went with the flow and experimented. I like the results!



I am so excited that I finally gave this a try! I look forward to filling my journal with tons of random and fun things!

Check out the product review video for this journal on the Victoria Marie YouTube Channel! Thanks for stopping by!

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