Scrapbook Like You Are a 6-Year Old!

This past December, I spent some time cleaning out my old Christmas scrapbooking stuff and decided to give a substantial amount of my stash to my little Corinne. She loves spending time with me while I am scrapbooking and looks forward to our crafty sessions.

When I finished cleaning, I presented her with a bunch of scrapbooking goodies.

“Oh mom, thank you, thank you! I love it all!” she said with such excitement! She immediately sat on the floor in my craft room and poured through her new crafty loot.


As I watched my baby meticulously sort and organize her new scrappy supplies in a purple Iris case, I couldn’t help but be in awe of her wonder…so pure and innocent. She touched every item ever so gingerly before placing it in her craft box.

Since that day she asked if she could play with her scrapbooking supplies. So yesterday, she sat at her daddy’s desk, with me sitting across the room at my desk, and we scrapped together.

I put on some Taylor Swift, her favorite singer, and we chilled. I kept looking over at her, listening to her “narrate” as she has seen me do when I am recording YouTube videos. She selected the papers and embellishments for her layout and set them aside and placed everything else back in her case. She squealed with delight when I gave her two rolls of washi tape!

“Oh wow mom!! This is so cool! Just what I needed!”

She asked for a couple of photos for her layout so I reached into my picture stash and came up with three pictures from her first day of Kindergarten.

“Perfect!” she said with delight.


She sat and played with paper and washi tape for what seemed like an hour. She selected every little detail with much care and attention. She didn’t second guess herself. She went with the flow, placing bows in the corners of her layout and surrounding her photos with washi tape. She sang along to her favorite Taylor Swift song while cutting pieces of pattern paper with mommy’s big girl scissors.

Big girl scissors!

And when she was done, she was more than pleased with her work!

“Mommy look!”

“Oh that is awesome baby girl! Let’s take a picture!”

“Okay, but just one more detail.” Apparently she added another sticker…

“Perfect!” she said with a huge smile!

What if we all scrapbooked like a 6-year old? What if we selected just a few of our most favorite items, sat down at our craft desks and just played?

What if we didn’t care about overall page design or stopped spending hours looking for the perfect embellishment?

What would happen if at the end of our scrappy session…we looked at our layouts and said, “Hey, this is great!” even if it really isn’t great…but just done and good enough?

What if we poured through our scrappy supplies as if it were the first time we ever seen scrappy supplies?

What if we just enjoyed this hobby without limitations, self-criticism, self-doubt, or the need to be the “perfect” scrapper?

What if we just…had fun?

Imagine what our scrappy lives would be like!

Scrap like a 6-year old…you won’t regret it. 🙂


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