Confessions of a Scrappy Shopaholic

Confession: I am a scrappy shopaholic. There. I said it.

I might call what I have an addiction. There is nothing like the thrill of shopping for scrappy goodies! I can spend two hours in my favorite hobby stores and even longer looking at amazing product online. I love receiving box after box of goodies from UPS. I rush home to play with my latest purchase, pinning over all my new product and thinking of the creative possibilities.


I make deals with myself: “Okay Vicki, if you buy this stuff, then you will need to pull back next month” or “Use the Visa card and pay off your purchase later…no big deal” (with interest). I tell myself that (insert my favorite scrappy designer) is using the latest and greatest. I want what she is using! So I buy, and I buy, and I buy. It feels so good! It feels so right! It’s a high really, an adrenaline rush as I watch all of my loot pile up in my shopping cart (real or virtual). I love the experience…it’s such a rush! When I am into something, I’m ALL in…and I want it ALL. Not just one pack of Thickers…ALL THE THICKERS!!


Utopia! Scrapbook utopia!

Of course, like all addictions, my high comes down and I start to realize the damage. In 2015, I estimate that I have spent more than $4500.00 in scrapbooking supplies ALONE! Maybe you should read that again…$4500.00! At first, I was in denial but once I started looking at my spending habits, I had to face a hard truth – my scrappy spending is out of control. And to make matters worse, I have a TON of stuff in my scrappy stash that I haven’t touched in months AND a stack of scrapbooking kits that are collecting dust under my scrap desk. When I came to this realization, guilt set in.

I hate that feeling.


So, as Dr. Phil says (with a heavy Texas accent), “You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge.” Truer words have never been spoken. This girl has to make some changes and end my scrappy gluttony. It’s time that I fall in love again with my stash and begin using my hoard and limiting my shopping to only the essentials.

I need a plan.

Starting October 1, 2015 I am initiating a 6-month spending freeze. In reality, I am not an “all or nothing” type of person so I plan to be flexible.

I will be limited to the following:

  1. I can continue my scrapbook kit subscription but I can only buy one (1) main kit – no add ons, no stamps, no extras. Period.
  2. I can purchase consumables: adhesives, page protectors, pens, etc.
  3. My monthly scrappy expenses cannot exceed more than $45.00 (to include the cost of my kit and consumables). Any extra money that is left can be put toward the follow month’s budget or saved for crops and retreats.


With that being said, I am going to spend some time getting ready for my freeze. The first thing I plan to do is take inventory of all of my scrappy goodies. I am very excited to pour through my stash – I am sure there are things that I haven’t seen in months! Next, I am going to organize my stash by making kits. My goal is to use up EVERYTHING in my stash (or close to it). Eventually, I would like to get to a point that if I bring a scrappy item into the house, another scrappy item must go (use it or donate). Lastly, I am going to re-organize my scrappy space for maximum efficiency. I need to be able to see my stash in order to use it.

To be honest, this is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while. I think it is fun to challenge myself to use my stash in new and creative ways…to get the max value out of my purchases and to trim my spending. Ultimately, scrapbooking isn’t just about the product. Memory keeping doesn’t require special products or devices.

I need to focus more on storytelling and less on spending.

I will be posting updates on my spending freeze on the Victoria Marie FB Group, here on my blog, and on my YouTube channel. If you have started a spending freeze, tell us about it in the comments section!

Here’s to scrappy savings!

12 thoughts on “Confessions of a Scrappy Shopaholic

  1. Sandy L says:

    Bravo Victoria! Lead us to craftroom salvation. I have an “arts and crafts” budget of $300 per month. $3600 per year! It sure doesn’t seem like it when I’m buying the “steals” and shopping the “sales” and getting exciting over the “NEW”. I’ve been thinking a lot lately, as I look around the room I can’t get around well in, that maybe enough IS enough. Yup – I like the newest things, too. Yup – I get that glowy feeling from shopping and “winning” the best product. I belong to 3 kit clubs right now. Hip Kit – which I want to keep, Freckled Fawn – not sure why I signed up, and Allie Edwards Stamp kit. I want to cancel Allie Edwards’ kit, but I have 3 months left. I’m going to wait it out and cancel. I am also going to cancel Freckled Fawn, but if I don’t wait 5 more months, they will charge me $5.00. That has kept me from cancelling. Then I thought – man am I silly – cause 4 months time $25 is a LOT more than $5.00. I will consider it a learning experience. Just because everyone else has “it”; that doesn’t mean that I must have “it”. I’m not sure I can completely wean myself before the holidays, as that is my favorite time of the year, but I will join in October for 1 month and in January for at least 5 months and see how I feel at the end of it. Maybe I’ll get my room straightened up at last. You are my hero.

  2. Laura C - Michigan says:

    Asa had started a Spending Freeze group several months ago from your Victoria Marie Facebook page – for the most part, we are doing well with the freeze. With occasional slips like any other addiction we try to curb . . .

  3. tmckay2014 says:

    I started cutting back on my spending two months ago for many of the same reasons. I love it all and it is all beautiful, but my actual scrapping time is so limited (husband, full time job, three boys ages 14, 13, and 2, sports, school and on and on and on) that my stash is out of control. My scrappy space is a tiny area of my bedroom that has overflowed into my boys room and now I’ve realized I even have a significant supply downstairs. It really is out of control. I found that I can’t even look at the websites of the kits I use to subscribe to. Sad I know, but if I do, I want it. Good luck and stay strong…….

  4. Lisa Burkes Sorrow says:

    I am with you girl… I am so over the top.. I donate at least a two foot stack of paper and two boxes of embellishments, some that I had never opened! I was doing good for about a month and this week I spent 300.00.. I have the silhouette portrait and cameo… The cricut , the expression, expression two and explore.. I mean really I have lost my mind since I started scrapbooking five years ago. I use the excuse that my husband hunts. I am afraid if my husband ever figures out how much I have spent he is going to refuse to bury me due to the fact I spent my funeral expense on scrapbooking supplies. Lmao. Lord we need counseling. I like your idea about building kits. I am going to try that once I clean my scrap room. Oh my, that’s a job I really don’t want to take on.. The woes of being an addict.😃❤️👿

  5. Laura says:

    love your idea! Right now I also subscribe to one kit and one kit only and do not buy any add ons, I can honestly say, it’s ENOUGH. I have decided also to just stick with the kit and only buy the basic adhesive, etc and I am really beginning to use up my stash, especially my paper. Good luck, looking forward to following your progress. 🙂

  6. Susanne says:

    I think you are wise to continue to give yourself a small allowance – one kit, plus some consumables. When I have tried to go cold turkey on scrappy purchases, I have found that I am good for about six months, and then the next six months more than cancel out any funds I had saved. I have found the best way to use up stash is by making up my own kits, mixing the old with the new. Good luck to you on both your goals.

  7. Maria S. says:

    If anyone can make a spending freeze fun, it’s you! I’ll be looking forward to seeing how things go for you. I don’t have much of a spending allowance these days and have been using up more of my older supplies; it’s fun to find some treasures that you’ve forgotten about. But I’m hoping to learn from you, esp. how to resist the new lines that come from my favorite mfgs: OA, Echo Park, Simple Stories, Jillibean, oh Ok, ALL of it! Thanks for taking this journey and letting us come along. Good luck! Maria

  8. celine says:

    I have been thinking the same thing! I have a HUGE stash, to the point where my kids are saying: Mom, it’s enough! This is my only hobby, and the only place where i spend, but it is ridiculously expensive! I too spend many thousands of dollars each year on scrapbooking, and I have a LOT of stuff… So much stuff that I am sure I am buying things I already have, because I can’t find them! My Hip kit sub stopped in August, I had taken it for 6 months. I intend on being on a freeze too… but it is so hard… I love happy mail! It,s much better than getting a bill, right? But I have to stop buying and use what I have. I will not be looking at hauls or visiting the Hip kit or Scarptastic sites for a while until I have made a dent in my stash! That being said, are you going to make pages with old stuff? I love those viideos!

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