Enrollment is Now Open! 2022 Project DONE: A Year-Long Scrapbooking Journey

Can You Relate?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the number of unfinished scrapbooking projects you have yet to finish?
  • Do you feel that your creative space isn’t conducive to scrapbooking productivity?
  • Is your scrapbooking impact by comparing your scrapbooking style to that of other scrapbookers? Or do you feel that there is a right or wrong way to scrapbook?
  • Do you need a realistic plan to help you complete your unfinished scrapbook layouts and achieve storytelling freedom?
  • Is writer’s block standing in the way of completing your scrapbook layouts?
  • Are there some scrapbooking projects you are ready to let go of in order to make room for more important stories?
  • Are you finally ready to get your most important stories documented once and for all?

If you answered YES to some or all of the questions listed above, perhaps it is time to begin a journey toward scrapbooking productivity and storytelling freedom!

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Project DONE: A Year-Long Scrapbooking Journey, is a 12-month, self-paced online scrapbooking journey where scrapbookers will learn how to develop a plan of action to increase creative productivity and finish a carefully selected number of scrapbooking projects throughout the year. 

Are You Ready for the Journey?

  • You are ready for this journey if you want to begin working on and finishing scrapbooking projects that have been put on the back burner.
  • You are ready for this journey if you are want to learn scrapbook project management techniqueshow to create time in your week for storytelling, how to let go of scrapbook projects that no longer serve you, and how to simplify your scrapbooking style to increase scrapbooking productivity!
  • You are ready for this journey if you want to overcome barriers to scrapbooking productivity (i.e. writer’s block, lack of photo organization, etc.).

If this sounds like you, then you are ready for the Project DONE Scrapbooking Journey!  This is your official invitation to join other like-minded scrapbookers who have similar creative goals.  

Let’s get to work!


The Project DONE journey is jammed packed with robust scrapbook project management content, techniques, tips, and support. The journey spans a 12-month period, with each month focused on a different theme. 

When you embark on this journey, you will receive:

  • 24-7 Access to the Project DONE Online Classroom, hosted on the Victoria Marie Designs Online Classroom powered by Thinkific
  • Monthly online content to include recorded instructional videos, a live Zoom instructional session, printable Project DONE Instructional PDF Workbookscreative project challenges, and opportunities to build a community of scrapbookers who are working on finishing incomplete scrapbooking projects.  
  • Access to the Project DONE Online Community within the course site – a great place to engage with other Project DONE students, share your projects, connect with accountability partners and more!
  • Monthly Focus Hour Co-Working sessions! The co-working sessions are a great time to hyper-focus on tasks related to your Project DONE goals!
  • Creative Goal Setting content to help you identify what projects you can realistically finish in a 12-month period.
  • Continued support and guidance from the course instructor and your fellow classmates!

Some Monthly Themes Include:

  • Setting Intentions and Realistic Creative Goals
  • Managing Your Creative Time
  • Scrapbook Project Management
  • Permission to Let Go
  • Developing a Consistent and Efficient Photo Organization Process
  • And much more!

2022 Course Schedule:

To view the 2022 Project DONE Course Calendar, click HERE!

How it Works:

At the beginning of this journey, you will select a reasonable number of projects you want to complete throughout the year.  You will get the tools and guidance needed to keep you on track and motivated to complete your unfinished scrapbook projects!

Monthly themes are provided throughout the year to help you work through any creative blocks as you complete your projects. 

You are welcome to work on the monthly themes and your projects at your own pace. There is no rush, simply take your time as you work toward your goals. 

You can stop and pick up with the class content at anytime throughout the year! You will have access to the class content indefinitely

You are encouraged to participate in group chatspost questions or ideas to the online classroom, and participate in challenges throughout the year. 

There is NO need to purchase supplies for this journey. In fact, you are encouraged to use your scrapbooking stash to complete your projects! 

Are you ready for the Project DONE journey? Register TODAY and get INSTANT ACCESS to the classroom.

The Investment: $79.99 USD one-time payment (All sales are final, no refunds.)

To learn more and to enroll in Project DONE: A Year-Long Scrapbooking Journey, click HERE!

This is an amazing value and will give you access to a TON of creative inspiration, top notch online course content to include video content, monthly LIVE Zoom sessions, full-color PDF instructional materials, a private online community for engagement with other students, all hosted on one platform!


Enrollment in this course is ONGOING for 2022. You are welcome to join us at anytime and get access to ALL of the previous and current course content no matter when you register!

Enroll and Get INSTANT ACCESS TODAY! Class Begins on January 4, 2022!

When you enroll in Project DONE: A Year-Long Scrapbooking Journey, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to the Pre-Course Materials and you can begin engaging with other students as well! Full details are available in the Project DONE Online Classroom and are accessible when you join the class.

Enroll TODAY!

To learn more and to enroll in Project DONE: A Year-Long Scrapbooking Journey, click HERE!

To view the 2022 Project DONE Course Calendar, click HERE!

Let 2022 be the year that you get your scrapbook projects DONE! I look forward to seeing you in the classroom!

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