My New Class with Scrapbook and Cards Today – Scrapbook 101: Begin With The Basics!

I am so excited to announce a fun class that I developed for Scrapbook and Cards Today, Scrapbook 101: Begin With The Basics! I was invited to create this course a few months ago and I am so happy that it is finally done and ready for the masses!

This is one of many classes that I have developed as a contract designer/instructor and it is a joy to turn SCT’s vision into a class that will hopefully be an excellent resource for our scrapbooking community.

In this self-paced, nine-lesson online video course, I will guide you through the basics of scrapbooking. Not only will you learn about what goes into creating a scrapbook layout—basic tools, paper, photos, adhesive and more, but I will also share my knowledge about the principles used for successful layout design and how to incorporate your stories and your favorite photos in a beautiful way!

At the end of class, you’ll create two beautiful layouts! Additionally, written instructions and process videos are provided that will take you step-by-step along the way. This class is designed for those who are new to scrapbooking or as a refresher course for those who have taken a break from this hobby.

The content for this online course is broken down into two sections, The Basics and Structure and Design.

Section 1: The Basics

  • Lesson 1: Basic Tools
  • Lesson 2: Papers, Kits, and Materials
  • Lesson 3: Adhesives
  • Lesson 4: Photos

Section 2: Structure and Design

  • Lesson 1: Choose Your Story
  • Lesson 2: Basic Design Principles
  • Lesson 3: Photos
  • Lesson 4: Journaling
  • Lesson 5: Putting It All Together

This course is self-paced so you will be able to start and resume the course at your leisure!

If you have been interested in learning how to scrapbook, this is the class for you! If you’re a seasoned pro, let your friends know who may be interested in creating alongside you!

This class will be available on July 15, 2022, at 12:00 pm ET in the course dashboard on the Scrapbook and Cards Today website for registered students. The cost of this course is only $20.00 USD/CAN!

I want to extend a big THANK YOU to Scrapbook and Cards Today for this awesome opportunity. I hope this course serves as a great resource for newbie scrappers and for those who are returning to this amazing hobby!

Coming January 2021! New Class…Project DONE: A Year-Long Scrapbooking Journey

Can You Relate?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the number of unfinished scrapbooking projects you have yet to finish?
  • Do you feel that your creative space isn’t conducive to scrapbooking productivity?
  • Is your scrapbooking impact by comparing your scrapbooking style to that of other scrapbookers? Or do you feel that there is a right or wrong way to scrapbook?
  • Do you need a realistic plan to help you complete your unfinished scrapbook layouts and achieve storytelling freedom?
  • Is writer’s block standing in the way of completing your scrapbook layouts?
  • Are there some scrapbooking projects you are ready to let go of in order to make room for more important stories?
  • Are you finally ready to get your most important stories documented once and for all?

Guess what friend? I have an amazing year-long journey that will provide all of the techniques and support you need to FINALLY finish your scrapbooking projects and experience storytelling freedom!

Introducing Project DONE: A Year-Long Scrapbooking Journey

Project DONE: A Year-Long Scrapbooking Journey, is a 12-month, self-paced online scrapbooking journey where scrapbookers will learn how to develop a plan of action to increase creative productivity and finish a carefully selected number of scrapbooking projects throughout the year.

Are You Ready for the Journey?

  • You are ready for this journey if you want to begin working on and finishing scrapbooking projects that have been put on the back burner.
  • You are ready for this journey if you want to learn scrapbook project management techniques, how to create time in your week for storytelling, how to let go of scrapbook projects that no longer serve you, and how to simplify your scrapbooking style to increase scrapbooking productivity!
  • You are ready for this journey if you want to overcome barriers to scrapbooking productivity (i.e. writer’s block, lack of photo organization, etc.).

If this sounds like you, then you are ready for the Project DONE: A Year-Long Scrapbooking JourneyLet’s get to work!


Full details and registration will open on December 15, 2020. This 12-month online journey begins on January 4, 2021. Be sure to subscribe to the Victoria Marie Blog and/or the Victoria Marie eNewsletter for full details!

I can’t wait for you to join me on this journey! More to come!