General Information and Crop Schedule

What is an Online Virtual Crop?

An online crop is like an in-person crop, however, all of the challenges, prizes, giveaways, and opportunities for engagement are hosted on an online platform! This event will be hosted in a private group on Facebook. Participants are welcome to engage in real-time or at their own leisure.

All of the 2023 Victoria Marie Designs Online Virtual Crops include:

  • Fun Scrapbook Challenges – All of the challenges are designed to focus on specific scrapbooking topics, techniques, products, and tools. The challenges are very flexible, and perfect for all skill levels and scrapbooking formats.
  • Live Zoom Scrap and Chat Sessions where you can hangout via Zoom with like minded scrapbookers!
  • Live 45-minute Mini Workshop that is based on the monthly crop theme. For example, the January 2023 theme is Make the Cut – all of the challenges for this crop will focus on using a cutting tool (e.g., die cutting machine, punches, etc.) to create a scrapbook project.
  • Fun Prizes and Giveaways!
  • All crop activities are hosted in a private Facebook Group!
  • Only $12.99 USD per crop!

To view the 2023 Victoria Marie Designs Online Virtual Crop Calendar of Events, click HERE!

To view the Victoria Marie Designs Online Virtual Crop Example Schedule of Events, click HERE!

And the best part? You will have 3 WEEKS to finish the challenges in order to be eligible for prizes! So there is NO RUSH for you to finish the challenges during the crop weekend!

Live Zoom Scrap and Chat Sessions: This event features (5) five Live Scrap and Chat sessions, hosted on Zoom! This is a great way to chat in real-time with other scrapbookers while you create. And each session is recorded for playback (available for three weeks after the crop weekend).

Challenges: The challenges for this event are super flexible and can be used to create a variety of projects to include scrapbook layouts, travelers notebook spreads, planner spreads, cards, and more! There is a little something for everyone!

All of the challenges, giveaways, and Live Zoom Scrap and Chat information and prompts will be posted in the Victoria Marie Designs Online Virtual Crop Facebook Group at scheduled times per the Schedule of Events.

Challenge Descriptions: Upon registration, participants will get access to the Victoria Marie Designs Online Virtual Crop Challenge Descriptions for the registered crop event. You are welcome to use the descriptions to prepare for the crop challenges in advance!

Private Facebook Group:

When you join the Victoria Marie Designs Online Virtual Crop Private Facebook Group for your registered crop event, you will be asked a Member Request Question. This question will ask you to verify the email you used when you registered for this event. Be sure to enter the email that you used to register for this event. Approval is conditional upon verification of registration and payment. This process could take up to 24-48 hours.

If we cannot verify your email address, registration, and payment, you will not be admitted into the Victoria Marie Designs Online Virtual Crop Private Facebook Group.

Let’s Have an Amazing Weekend!

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