Welcome to the Victoria Marie Classroom! Below is a listing of classes that I currently offer. Check it out! 

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Layering Like a Boss 2 – Impactful Embellishing

Layering Like a Boss 2- Impactful Embellishing is a self-paced scrapbooking class that focuses on creating stunning layered embellishments using 5 simple design concepts: color, scale, balance, texture, and composition. Through interactive lessons and challenges, students will be able to quickly learn these simple design concepts while creating impactful layered embellishments!

This course includes:

  • A Basic Design Principles Instructional Video
  • 5 Lessons that include Instructional Videos and Interactive Process Videos (2 per lesson)
  • 10 Exclusive Sketches (most will be used in the instruction videos)
  • Instructional Guide PDF
  • Self-Paced course with 24/7 access to the class site!
  • Access to the class discussion board so you can play along with other scrappers!
  • Email access to the course instructor

PRICE: $25.00

Bundle: $40.00 for Layering Like a Boss 1 and 2



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The Holiday Project is a 4-week self-paced course where scrappers will be challenged to create 1 album that will feature 12 holiday stories. That’s it…only 12 stories! Through creative story prompts, we will begin to explore a variety of stories that might not otherwise be told: childhood holiday memories, family traditions, events, experiences, recipes, stories told through multiple perspectives, loss, failure, celebrations, heritage stories, just to name a few.

Scrappers will be led through a series of lessons that will focus on storytelling, using creative prompts, exploring album styles, and how to commit to The Holiday Project process. By the end of this class, scrappers will have the tools needed to start and finish this project! All it takes is 12 stories…that’s it! You can do this!

This course includes:

  • Weekly instructional content – available on Mondays (4 Weeks in November)
  • Instructional Study Guide PDFs
  • The Holiday Project Story Prompts PDF – to get your storytelling juices flowing!
  • Project Planner PDF – to help you plan and manage your project
  • Project Calendar PDF – to help you set a realistic timeframe for completing this project
  • Exclusive Sketches to inspire your creativity!
  • Access to the exclusive The Holiday Project Facebook Group – for support and inspiration!
  • FREE Victoria Marie YouTube Process Videos – a demonstration of my album set up and layout process.

Weekly Content:

  • Week 1: The Story – Includes reflective writing exercises, review of story prompts and ideas.
  • Week 2: The Album – Discussion of album options and styles, how to choose the right album for you.
  • Week 3: The Commitment – Developing a realistic plan to complete this process, setting a timeline and goals.
  • Week 4: The Process – How to develop and use a creative-flow process to help you complete this project.

After the class is finished, we will begin the documenting and storytelling process starting December 1st! Be sure to visit The Holiday Project Facebook Group for support and inspiration as we start and finish our albums! Of course, you can start your album before December 1st…that is completely up to you!

What you will need for this course:

  • A notebook – for reflection and journal exercises
  • An album (or at least start thinking about the type of album you want to use for this project)
  • Materials to create layouts for your album (again, at least start thinking about what you would like to use)
  • Your holiday spirit!!!

PRICE: $25.00



I am so excited to announce the launch of my up coming class, A Scrapbooker’s Guide to Mixed Media! 

I created this class based off of feedback from YOU, my subscribers, who wanted answers to the following questions:

  1. What are some popular mixed media products that scrapbookers use?
  2.  How much are these products?
  3. And how do you use them to create a mixed media layout?

In this course, I will answer all of those questions and more! The focus of this class is to get you out of your comfort zone and to experiment with basic mixed media products while creating beautiful mixed media layouts. This class is great for beginners but can also serve as a refresher for those who are more experienced with mixed media products and techniques.

Here’s what this course includes:

  • 5 Instructional Videos to include with PDF Study Guides – Topics include: Product Basics, Tools of the Trade, Building Your Stash, How It’s Used, and Design Techniques
  • 10 Instructional Process Videos featuring exclusive layouts for this course
  • Mixed Media Stash Checklist PDF – A tool to help you take inventory of your mixed media stash and to plan for future purchases as you build your stash!
  • Product List + Price PDF – Featuring a listing of basic mixed media products and tools along with pricing (average cost)
  • Suggested Shopping List PDF – A tool to help you shop for mixed media products!
  • Product + Layout PDF with full color photos of each layout created for this course!
  • Mixed Media Recipes PDF to help you create stunning mixed media layouts!
  • Access to the exclusive A Scrapbooker’s Guide to Mixed Media Facebook Group where you can share your layouts with other scrappers!

PRICE: $35.00

Go to the Victoria Marie Online Classroom to access the course.

Make the Kit Intro


Make the Kit – A Mini Course is a self-paced course that will inspire you to use your stash to make functional and beautiful scrapbooking kits. The course will begin with a brief overview that will cover general information about scrapbooking kits, how to shop your stash for items to include in your kit, how to make, organize, and store your kits, and tips on how to use your kits.

This course includes:

  • 4 Lessons with Instructional Videos and full color PDF Study Guides
  • 5 Exclusive Process Videos that will inspire you!
  • A Tour of Victoria Marie’s Scrappy Stash! See what Victoria Marie uses to make awesome scrapbooking kits!
  • Full Color PDF of the layouts completed in this course
  • Full Color PDF Plan the Kit Checklist
  • Full Color PDF Shop Your Stash Checklist
  • Access to the private Make the Kit Facebook Group!

Price:  $12.00 



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Layering Like a Boss!(c) is an online self-paced scrapbooking class that focuses on creating gorgeous layers on scrapbook layouts using pattern and speciality papers, die cuts, sticker, ephemera, and mixed media. This course will also cover topics such as layering essentials and basic design principles.

This course includes:

  • 5 Awesome Lessons with Study Guides (PDF)!
  • 10 exclusive sketches to get your creative juices flowing!
  • 10 exclusive process videos that demonstrate the techniques offered in this course.
  • Access to a private Facebook Group so you can play along with other scrappers!
  • Email access to the course instructor!

Price: $25.00