December Daily 2015 – Day 1


The Story for Today:

My daughter and I headed to a home decor store called At Home (formerly Garden Ridge). I was in search of new Christmas pretties that I can use to deck the halls this holiday season. With my Mini Me in tow, we walked in, grabbed a cart, and started our shopping trip. Little One noticed a sales ad in the cart and insisted on reading the specials of the day:

“Mom! Can you believe it! The blankets are on sale for $19.99! And the flowers are on sale for $29.99! Amazing!”

She is saying all of this as she leans back in the cart, sales ad open! The girl is hilarious!

I love these moments. She gets so super excited about the holidays. In fact, as we were walking into the store she said, “Mom, I love this time of year.”

“Oh really, why?” I asked.

“Because, its so much FUN!”

We skipped along…hand in hand. This is what its all about! I would bottle her sense of wonder and sell it for a million bucks! Here’s to a great Christmas season!

The Layout – Day 1



The Process Video – Enjoy!

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  1. Sharyl Olson says:

    Hi, I found you off of UTube and I LOVE YOUR STYLE! You are an inspiration to me and I’m totally lifting most everything about your album! Your videos are fun and refreshing to me. Thank you for taking time to film and photograph your pages!

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